Red Army, Documentary evening at Cannes Film Festival


For its second official evening , the beach Magnum Cannes makes the honors for the exciting and passionate history of the Soviet hockey team RedArmy , presented as part of Special Sessions Festival. This documentary film was masterfully written and directed by Gabe Polsky , whom we owe The Motel Life , three times awarded at the International Film Festival in Rome. The sporting challenge , the patriotic issue , this story captures the testimony of Scotty Bowman, Vyacheslav Fetisov , Anatoly Karpov and Alex Kasatonov in the unusual course for the former captain of the team, Slava Fetisov , first worshiped as national hero. And soon condemned as a political enemy. 

Produced by the famous German director Werner Herzog and mythical producer American Jerry Weintraub, this last year with Steven Soderberghfor My Life with Liberace , Red Army can already count on the support of prestigious distributor in the U.S. , Sony Pictures Classic. Enough to make a serious candidate for the upcoming Oscars. The evening was marked by the arrival of director Gabe Polsky , the film team and the legend of ice hockey, Slava Fetisov , double Olympic Champion in 1984 and 1988 , accompanied by his wife and daughter . At this evening, the sublime and talented Adele Exarchopoulos, who came on Magnum range last year to celebrate her victory, did us the honor of her presence , as well as personalities such as Christine Kelly- member of Superior Audiovisual Council and Bruno Witvoet - Chairman of Unilever France .