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Put your lipstick on and I'll tell who you are

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24 August 2012

Ah, the 20th century and its time of prohibition... A type of interdiction which could well make us laugh today, was to teachthe women that to put on lipstick, «it is wrong». Not to wear it, but to be publicly put on. Considered "indecent ", "insightly", the women were asked to perform this ritual beauty far from looks in their bathroom. In 1942 the book Beauty Etiquette Book (seems it says it all!) of the Dr. Oliver Harriman:

"Applying lipstick in public is supposed to outrage good taste at all times."

"Girls, the next time you put on lip make-up in front of your mirror, just look at the gyrations you perform with your mouth. Since this ritual isn't an attractive sight, don't let men observe it too closely."

For the daughters who mention it, no spontaneous modifications! Outraged! The author also explained that the way its red is applied reveals some features of behaviour. Observation.

Put your lipstick and I will say to you who you are:

1. The smiling (The Joker' s Smile Method)

A broad grin, which reveals a woman confident and sure of herself, a woman with plans full the head and of ideas to attain them. The woman who makes the lips up in that way wants to use life, she is extravertied and informs about it.

2. Miss " the upper lip " (The Jutting Upper Lip Method)

These women are of big careful, they want to prove what was made. They show a big morality, have a religious side and they want to be able to give an explanation of all what encircles them.

3. The mouth Penelope (The Puckering Penelope Method)

With this application, it is a woman who likes accuracy, has a sharp sense of the detail. They have a character well dipped and leave only few place haphazardly.

4. The careful (Careful Slow Methodical Method)

A slow and methodical application behind which hides a delicate, emotional woman. These women have a calm and thoughtful temperament.

5. Fearful smile (The Terrified Face Method)

The women who put on their red in that way are unconsciously afraid of what waits for them, and appreciate only little all that is spontaneous and unforeseen. They want to be able to envisage and need an agenda defined well to feel well.



Inspiration and credit photo: "Lipstick" of Jessica Pallingston