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Puma And NYCB Collaborate On Unique Workout

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26 September 2017

Global sports brand PUMA and New York City Ballet launched their newest training collaboration, a workout that mixes a dance class with a HIIT training session. This NYCB X PUMA workout was taught today by dancers from NYCB and trainers from PUMA's Team Faster to over 500 people on the Plaza of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in NYC, something that has never been doner before. 

When it comes to fitness, there's no better mix than the knowledge of the dancers from NYCB and the certified trainers from PUMA's Team Faster to create a workout that mixes both worlds. The dancers of New York City Ballet sweat for hours by training non-stop to give beautiful performances, and the trainers from PUMA train and help people train their bodies everyday.

There was no better place than the Lincoln Center Plaza to launch this workout, the members that worked tirelessly to make it come to life helped teach the class and share their expertise.

"We wanted to create a workout that is both challenging and fun, and mixing NYCB and PUMA is the perfect formula," says Savannah Lowery, NYCB Soloist. "It's a dance class and a training session all in one. We want everyone to walk away feeling stronger and more confident of their inner dancer."

Emily Cook-Harris, PUMA trainer and former dancer, says "It's been a dream working with NYCB to create this one of a kind workout experience. The class highlights the strength, athleticism, and grace of these world class athletes through both traditional ballet movements as well as functional training exercises. No matter your fitness level or dance experience, there is something for everyone! You'll challenge your muscles in new ways, feel the joy of dance, and train with a smile."

"Feeling best in your own skin and taking care of your health and strength are such important goals. No matter what you do and how you move your body, you absolutely have to love and care for yourself. Ballet and a fun workout session are both such wonderful avenues to do just that." Mentioned Niv Zinder, PUMA trainer.

This unique workout that only PUMA and NYCB can offer will be shared worldwide through different PUMA activations in 2018, with certified trainers sharing their knowdlege and joy of exercise.