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Puma and McQ launch their collection Puma X McQ AW’14

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23 July 2014

PUMA and McQ are declining the stylist McQ`s vision, Sarah Burton, while remaining true to the iconic sports heritage PUMA. 

Sportier and more robust, reaffirming a nonchalant ease and rebellious attitude, the vision of Sarah Burton for his collaboration with PUMA and McQ draws its inspiration from the rich heritage of Alexander McQueen and merges with the legendary sporting innovation PUMA brand. 

McQ has always found inspiration in the sub-cultures of the world, creating clothes that celebrate the passion for experimentation and creativity combining the arts and music. In contrast, PUMA sports brand par excellence, inspired culture, music and urban fashion. By partnering, PUMA and McQ benefit from their opposite experiences to find a meeting point between sports performance and fashion. 

This season, the design of classic shoes gives pride to the human anatomy. Rib cage and tendons re-inspired silhouettes that adopt a "cage" style. Transformations and prints adorn the iconic sports marmoreal forms of PUMA. 

Sports characteristic lines are amplified by the use of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers (TPU) PUMA molded mesh and applied to the high quality nubuck sublayer. The cage effect created is remarkable in every way. The contrast between the Gothic style of Sarah Burton and use by PUMA contemporary materials and constructions inspired by sports performance finds its culmination in the style shoes McQ Run Mid and McQ Lo that brilliantly combine the two brands. 

Women collection evokes seasonal themes of McQ by a series of dissonant references. MCQ Leap refers to the anatomy by its unique architectural interpretation of the triangular shape. In contrast, Rush Shoe Rush Lo and Mid explore seasonal themes McQ by iconoclastic using printed in more traditional forms. Everything from printing details marmoreal up flights of birds catch the eye. 

This season the collection is enriched; the unexpected and originality reign.