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Provençal Retro Chic Flowers for the 6th Edition of Ladies Rally Vintage Cars Monaco

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10 September 2019

It was the cracking of dawn that revived in me the feeling of a great day ready to unveil. I knew it from my heart that it was going to be a sunny classy day because of Martine's solar energy. Martine Ackermann is the founder of Child Care Monaco and the organizer of the charity event, Ladies Rally Vintage Cars that which takes place every September. The Association focuses on the right to a proper education for the girls in India. In 2013, with the aid of the sponsors, the Association opened a girl's school in Rajasthan which expanded over the years in order to offer a larger access to education to the girls of the village.

The 6th edition of Ladies Rally Vintage Cars Monaco

This 6th edition was going to be under the sign of "Retro Chic Flowers" as homage to Grace Kelly and the beautiful look she had chosen when she met Prince Rainier. So, a bay of feminine walking flowers gathered at Cafe de Paris for the breakfast and the departure point. More than eighty participants, thirty teams set off for a feminine rally in the countryside.

I was more than happy to discover my team dressed, from head to toe, into the most beautiful retro chic flowery red dresses and caps worthy of the car we were going to be in: a pale blue convertible Excalibur. With the radio on and the wind in our hair, we set off for an amazing day. All the ladies were more than enthusiastic to be part of this powerful purely feminine adventure.

First stop of the rally: Sospel village market

First stop, the village market in Sospel where the beautiful ladies mingled and enjoyed the local products, even tried a dance under the fanfare music. Everyone in the market was mesmerized by the gorgeous outfits the ladies were wearing.

After touching the village's pulse, the teams hit the road for the next stop: the lunch at a typical Provencal hostel in Breil sur Roya where the ladies were treated with delicious meal in a brunch style. The sky was covered by the clouds and the temperature lowered its arms a little bit, so the ladies were looking for the jackets and blankets, never forgetting about the smiles and the chitchat. But the rain was not there, so we could leave the convertibles as they were from the beginning and enjoy the beautiful road that was to unveil in front of us, a green scenery of mountain roads.

Villa Les Colombiers, Menton, a jewel of the French Riviera

What we were about to discover was the gem of the day: the private villa, Les Colombieres, in Menton which is a classical piece of jewellery. The villa was the property of Ferdinand Bac, the illegitimate grandson of Jerome Bonaparte, who spent his time in the region as an artist, writer and landscape architect. He began the construction of the villa in 1920 and finished it in 1927 which turned to be a work of art filled with the artistic touch and, literally paintings, of Ferdinand Bac. Here, the ladies could enjoy the tea time and the tombola in a very cheerful ambiance.

The final stop: the Royal Palace

The final stop was at the Palace where the awards for the day were concluded and where we had the big surprise of having HSH Prince Albert II coming and sharing a few moments with the organizers and the people. His Majesty was presented to the artist, Heiko Saxo, who came with his vintage Cadillac and offered to charity 3000 music CDs composed by himself and an amazing painting with his car and the Royal Palace as its background. A great moment of emotions and a day to stay in our hearts forever!

Author Andra Oprea