Provencal Elegance and Vichy Style for Lady Rally Vintage Cars Monaco

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19 Septembre 2017
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It was the smell of croissants and orange juice to wake up Cafe de Paris on a day which was to become memorable. Little by little, the entire place started to get into the Vichy mood, the theme of the event that was about to start in the heart of Monaco. It's the 4th edition of Lady Rally Vintage Cars organised by the Association Child Care Monaco for the benefits of the girls' school in India, Rajahstan. Lady Rally Vintage Cars takes place each year in September. For a participation of 330 euros per each, the story of the day overcomes way too much this value, and the cause behind it makes it even more appreciable. Thanks to the editions before, the raised funds helped built a school in the village of Rajahstan in India and lead the way to girls' education.

For this year, there were raised 14000 euros, funds that will go to the four project for the year to come: buying 90 bicycles, buying 20 computers, solar panels, and mushroom production, to produce money for the habitants.

"It was a great day in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.The girls were delighted and I had to receive more than 50 messages of thanks and congratulations. Most girls have already registered for the 5th edition Sunday 16th September 2018. I already have a great idea for the theme and the day. This morning Sandra that I met on the street told me that such an event is extraordinary is so different. And, moreover, for a good cause! I am happy to make others happy. It's so good to have fun!!! It's good for everyone!!

It is a great day to give girls the opportunity to have an education and go to school. Our school receives 90 girls and is made up of 7 classes, a library and a dispensary. The girls feel safe and are very assiduous. I recall Education is a fundamental right and every child is entitled to it. Unfortunately, this is not respected in all countries," declared Martine Ackermann, the Director of the Association Child Care Monaco about this year edition.

The morning was unfolding itself. The shiny vintage cars were expecting impatiently to start the adventure of the day. What was about to happen? Martine Ackermann, the heart and President of the Association likes to keep a little mystery regarding the destinations of the day, just to spice up even more the enthusiasm each of one was experiencing.

Vintage chic with Vichy style

Vichy outfits from black and white, red, blue, retro dresses ... everything was accessorised in the same pattern ... the ladies, the cars, even the little Chihuahua puppy, the mascot of this edition, got into the Vichy clothes, really happy to follow this ladylike adventure. For sure, the vintage glamour was at rendezvous: the ladies (80 at number), the 35 vintage cars by Rent a Classic Car (largest private collection of vintage cars in the South of Europe), the place, the sun and the thrill of the day!

Beep beep ...we started to roll. I got into a chic Coccinelle vintage Volkswagen with two amazing ladies ready to discover the destinations that Martine and her team had prepared. With the map on one hand, the other on the hat, Agathe was ready to follow the itinerary. So, we started to feel the emotions. For a day that was announced under the sign of the rain, I couldn't be any happier to enjoy the tickling of the sun while the hair was dancing in the wind, on a vintage car ride. Oh, beautiful French Riviera, how magical are your untouched wands that charm us each time!

First stop, Confisserie Florian ...

We took the Promenade des Anglais, enjoying the view and continued on the highway to the first stop : Confisserie Florian in Pont du Loup. Sweet paradise, here we are! After a short presentation on how all the sweets and jams are made, everyone was over excited! Tasting sweets, chocolates, jams, all colourful and appealing, each of us was getting so enthusiastic about it that we couldn't manage from tasting, buying, tasting again, buying again...We have to go? Ah, we could have bought some more sweets! Next time! There was an amazing surprise that was waiting for us! We all knew Gourdon, one of the most beautiful villages in France, and that was to be the next stop for the lunch time ...but where exactly? We didn't know!

Idyllic elegant picnic in Gourdon ...

Huge was to be the surprise to see that the lunch was to happen open air in the idyllic meadow, surrounded by trees with the plunging rocky mountain on one side and the sea view on the other. "Oh, my God!" could be heard from the ladies. The tables were ready and the chef Sara Sainton's floral and salmon preparations could not wait any longer to be served. The ladies were starting to make the line with the plates in their hands and get a taste of what the chef had prepared. It was all like a Provencal frame from a movie on a scenery that depicted exactly the French charm, on a truly stunning view. The grass blew west against the source of the sun, the wind accompanied the scene with its song and each element awakened the feeling of being connected to nature and to an elegant chic vibration floating in the air.

Ladylike Tea time in a Provencal chic ambiance ...

After the fruits and the group picture, we took the road again with these pieces of jewellery cars that made sensation all the way. We drove through stunning landscapes wheeling towards our next destination point in St Paul de Vence, at Relais & Chateau, Le Mas de Pierre, where we had a warm welcome. Another amazing discovery and charming place situated on more than 3ha, a heavenly garden in a Provencal chic ambiance that made the perfect choice for the Tea Time. The cosy moments to share a cake, socialise and win prizes presented by the charming Martine and her team were filled with laughter and everyone seemed to have a fabulous time. It was the dreamy decor of a perfect story that had it all: beautiful ladies and gorgeous Vichy outfits, amazing vintage cars that are timeless in their beauty, stunning views, noble cause and good spirits.   

Feel royal and wave for the final destination ...

Once the tea time finished, we took the road again back to Monaco, this time with the final destination: The Prince's Palace. We arrived in applauses and under the spell of the day, with the impressions still lingering in our minds like sweet memories to stick to. The Award ceremony took place at Castleroc in the presence of the Minister of Interior, Patrick Cellario, Stephane Valeri, Jacques Pastor, Sport representative, Virginie Cotta, General Director of the Social Affairs and Health, Gery Mestre, President of the Commission of the Collection Cars at Automobile Club of Monaco.

The charm of the day was peerless and it will remain engraved into each lady's heart for a very long time! The true story of a dream come true worked by the hands of Martine Ackermann and her team from Child Care Monaco!

Save the Date! The next Rally will be on the 16th of September 2018!

Author: Andra Oprea 



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