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Porsche Design Sport Spring Summer 2015 by adidas

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19 March 2015

Models of the ultimate high performance sector: it is time to turn to exclusive products, guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of endurance. Innovative technology, light and breathable fabrics, clean silhouettes: these are the characteristics of the new range of running shoes Porsche Design Sport.

The season begins with the launching of an exceptional new product: Endurance running shoe BOOST ™, with a implementing innovative technology for the first time in the Porsche Design Sport range of adidas footwear. It is already used as a reference in the "running performance" and contributes to the success of many professional athletes worldwide. Endurance BOOST ™ has the same shoe midsole that adizero Adios ™ BOOST ™, driven by Dennis Kimetto in 2014 when he broke the world record in the marathon in Berlin. This innovative technology works as follows: the BOOST ™ thermoplastic foam uses thousands of sustainable energy capsules to maintain comfort padding over time, mile after mile. Thus, with BOOST ™, each stride like the very first. As a bonus, Endurance BOOST ™ provides energy return and similar performance, whatever the weather - scorching heat or freezing cold - unlike traditional EVA soles that expand or harden depending on the temperature. This cutting-edge technology, combined with the elegance of the range Porsche Design Sport adidas makes this shoe a revolutionary and unique model. Its sleek structure and taped seams ensure a natural and flexible cushioning. Another example reflecting the quality of its design: a reflective lining disposed below the stem breathable black mesh, lights in the light of the beam, for added safety when night falls. Continental ™ outsole rubber provides optimum traction on slippery surfaces. This shoe is also available in a refined version perforated leather.

Taking into account the needs of runners, a full range of products aimed at both men and women, has been developed. A high Endurance and Stamina Women jersey for men, with a honeycomb structure accompany the running shoe Endurance BOOST ™. Made in ultra-light materials fast drying with a moisture management system, both models feature a clean, minimalist look, emphasized by the laminated edges. Jersey and go with high Endurance shorts designed in a four-way stretch fabric integrated mesh. Combining scalability and lightness, Endurance jacket, both windproof and water repellent, will complete this high-performance running across the most beautiful way, during the coolest days.