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Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World, the exquisite artworks and jewels encounter under one roof

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27 July 2015

This weekend I had the opportunity to enter the exquisite and luxurious ambiance of Point Art Monaco, an event that connects art and jewels all over the world in terms of fine art and rich creative energies.

Under the attentive guidance of Noriko Bonafede,  I made the tour of the space filled with a special energy that kept me walking through different states of mind: a walk to classical works of art up to modern and contemporary creations, paintings and sculptures altogether. This was mixed with the sparkling and glamorous side of the exposition, the jewels competing in design and exquisite rocks. It is the unique opportunity to see rare works of art, buy,  achieve and invest in works that will never fade out but moreover will turn it into gold mines. Not to mention the entire gold mine of approximately half a billion euros worth gathered under one roof: a splash of richness, creativity and high value for this edition of Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World.

The fifth edition of Point Art Monaco took place from 22 to 26 July 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum. Participating in this show are twenty one internationally renowned galleries whose expertise and experience make the event one that is not to be missed.This year, five major brands of fine jewellery are joining these great names of the art market,united by the event Jewels of the World. The fair becomes Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World and it is with this new identity that it takes its place even more fully in the dynamic cultural scene that is particular to the Principality in the year 2015. Since 2011 the Point Art Monaco fair has been held in idyllic Monaco, world famous for its luxury hotels and high-end tourism. This year the fair leaves the Sporting d'Hiver site to settle at the Grimaldi Forum. This choice, initially for practical reasons, has proven to be fully in accord with the will of the organisers of Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World to associate the event with the nerve centre of culture in the Principality.

In 2015, a year of cultural celebration with «Russia Year in Monaco» giving rise to numerous events (exhibitions, plays and concerts), Monaco shows quite correctly that it is much more than a remarkable tourist destination. The Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World fair is to share top billing at the Grimaldi Forum with the highly anticipated exhibition «From Chagall to Malevich, the Revolution of the Avant-Garde», curated by Jean-Louis Prat. The summer of 2015 is therefore set to make Monaco a beacon of culture on the international scale, illustrating the work of outstanding artists represented by the most major names in the art market and around which senior European and Russian leaders will meet.

On the occasion of its fifth edition, the Point Art Monaco fair is presenting an event for which expertise and versatility are the key words, by virtue of the excellent galleries that were exhibiting in the Grimaldi Forum from July 22 to 26. While most are based in Monaco, cultural influences and artistic specialties at the show were both be richly diverse: from Switzerland to Italy through England, the range of eras, techniques and currents to be exhibited is broad. Thus, more than a focus on a specialty, it is the criterion of quality that has been decisive in the choice of galleries participating in Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World, including, among others: Adriano Ribolzi Art Gallery, Maison d'Art, M.F. Toninelli Art Moderne (Monaco), as well as Kunstberatung from Zurich, De Jonckheere from Geneva, the French gallery Boccara, the British Richard Green and Robilant + Voena, and the Italian Moretti Fine Art Ltd.

The major innovation of this fifth edition, the collaboration between Point Art Monaco and Jewels of the World ensures a renewal and unprecedented complementarity of these two fairs, both of which have proven themselves already.

Jewels of the World, whose first two editions were held in Baku, Azerbaijan (with thethird also to be held there in October 2015), very quickly became a reference in regard to jewellery. The mission of this fair, to provide a meeting point for the leading contemporary jewellers from around the world, was successfully accomplished. Since 2013, it has been bringing together such major jewellery houses as Graff, Chatila, De Beers, David Morris, Moussaieff and Suzanne Syz.

Both fairs share certain constituent features: an ideal of diversity, quality and cultural openness and a desire to implement creative designs that can transform each stand into a universe apart. This was not lost on visitors to the previous edition of Point Art Monaco, and ensured the growing reputation of the event. The fair is thus now able to extend its scope to jewellery by welcoming Jewels of the World to its side. Archaeology, works by old and modern masters, antiques, furniture and jewellery were brought together for the event. To that artistic and cultural diversity is added the international legitimacy enjoyed by the fair through the aura of its exhibitors. The participating galleries have strong links with major cultural institutions, including the Louvre (Paris), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), the Pinacoteca di Brera (Milan), MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York) and Finarte Casa d'Arte (Rome), which all attest to this global recognition. 

Jewels of the World

Jewels of the World was created in 2013 at the initiative of Valentina Vassileva. For twenty years, she has been applying her skills to organising specialised fairs in the fields of art and luxury. Valentina works internationally: Moscow, Vienna, Amsterdam and New York have witnessed the achievement of her projects. It was in Baku, Azerbaijan that Valentina pioneered the concept of Jewels of the World. Baku, at the point of convergence of Asia with Europe and the Middle East, a strategic crossroads of the ancient Silk Road, is a city with a rich commercial and architectural heritage that bears witness to its spectacular development.This vitality steeped in history echoes the concept behind Jewels of the World: fine jewellery is the result of age-old skills, to which the fair pays tribute, attracting ever more attention through its continual expansion and the successful exportation of its model. Indeed, Jewels of the World is a travelling fair: it is an annual event in Baku, but one that is intended to «travel» around the world, and so in July it will run alongside Point Art Monaco in the Principality.

This fifth edition of high class art and jewelry had the perfect energy that mixed different styles, different tastes and values, an edition to be considered as an exquisite success of glittering energy from classic style to contemporary.

Editor Andra Oprea