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Playtex capsule collection Automne Hiver 2012

fashion & styletrends

19 June 2012

This capsule collection put under the sign of haute couture and glamour declines in 3 ultrafeminine and refined lines: Structured Lace, Transparency supported and basic couture.

Textured lace:

Successful alliance of the lace and game of motifs for this fine lingerie. The lace plays with the skin and structures a graphic silhouette imprinted by seduction and by character. This finery sublimates the purple or black courbesen colour.

Maintained transparence:

With an audacious mixture of tulle and of material microfibre, this fine lingerie in elegant sobriety makes every occasion a moment of seduction for a powerful and controlled silhouette.

Basic couture:

With a finely drawn line, basic couture celebrates the inspiration and the job of goldsmith of the couturiers. Colours are deep and finishing improved for a glamour and sophisticated charm.

In Gallery Lafayete boutiques from 2012 september.