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Pinterest reveals the top pins of 2015 in France

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8 December 2015

Pinterest, the tool to find and record your favorite ideas, now shares the list of top pins and research in France during 2015. From pork up to caramel for a cocooning room ideas through short hairstyles and bohemian weddings, the French have researched and recorded, this year, their inspirations through different thematic present on Pinterest.

Some modern touches in a classic French style, a sailor associated with sequins and a new adaptation of the traditional recipe for toasted sandwiches form the top 3 of the most pins archived in 2015. The following are the caramel pork recipes and the Grand Canyon as a first destination sought. Top searches among the themes emphasized the will of the French to discover tips and inspiration. From a simple search, Pinterest users can experience a great idea for their projects: sewing patterns, easy recipes, or develop ideas for a small bathroom space.

Research is a natural step in the discovery process on Pinterest. Users will use to find new ideas to try from a variety of categories: fashion, food, decoration, gardening, education, travel, etc. Research on Pinterest is unique because the content is constantly fed by Pinterest users worldwide.

Last year, Pinterest has launched Guided Search to help users find the ideas they did not think to look for. This guided research suggests trends based on searches of other users of the platform. On average, users click three tabs offered by the guided search. Pinterest has found that people outside the United States use this function mostly as American Pinterest users.

Marinières of a bohemian wedding, here is an overview of the best pins and searches of 2015 in France:


• Pin 1: Mini Croque Monsieur

• Revenue of Croques Monsieur pinned more than doubled in France over the past year.


• Pin 2:  La marinière

•  La marinièrer remains a favorite of French Pinterest users, their pins increased by over 40% during the past year. 


• The list of 2015 decorating inspiration is led by an eclectic display of art, followed by a style cozy room with natural colors.


• The DIY coat rack is in the fifth position of the TOP pins France in 2015

• The number of DIY projects pinned in France more than tripled during the past year.

• The pins on the ideas realized with clay rose more than 60% compared to last year


• The Grand Canyon in the US is the most popular destination in France

• travel destinations Pins in the US have increased 70% over last year in France.

Top 10 pins in France in 2015:

• Mini Croque Monsieur

• Stripes & Sequins

• Frames Wall

• Caramel Pork

• Coat DIY

• Men's Dress Style

• Grand Canyon, USA

• Caramelized Apples

• Chic Stripes

• Cosy Room

Top 10 searches in France 2015:

• Small bathroom

• Fimo clay

• Easy Recipes

• Sewing pattern

• Small tattoos

• Scandinavian Living

• Short Square

• Street Art

• Bohemian Wedding

• Carpentry