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Personal Shopper at Cote d'Azur

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30 March 2012

Anne, Personal Shopper since 2006 between Monaco and saint Tropez to www.ishopforyou.fr.

After ten years in Business Intelligence in France and in United States and a training period of image councellor, I decide to take it on my own and to develop a service of Personal Shopper. A well-known concept in the Atlantic but still not much used in France.

Being a personal shopper it is a simple concept:

You do not like to shop or simply you do not have the time for it. Ishopforyou. Fr studies your request, shows you a selection of chosen products and delivers it to you in person the product or the desired accesories. Ishopforyou.fr, also, accompanies you to shopping, you do not like to waste your time and you need a notified outside look which will guide you towards the most judicious choice for your silhouette. A reception VIP is reserved for you in the visited boutiques, clothes in your size are already chosen for a shopping pleasure and great style results.

I have nothing more to put on

A sorting through your wardrobe needs to be done. Before rushing into stores it is necessary to make a point on the already existent garderobe, to relegate the clothes which do not fit anymore and those who do not go to the personal style. The job of the personal shopper is also to offer you different outfits with what you already have, combinations which you did not dare or you would never have thought. Once finished the sorting of wardrobe, it is time to pass to the shopping and to hunt out these bulks and accesories which are going to renew your wardrobe.

Nothing goes to me!

Before anything, I talk to the client : a style test and a study of the silhouette. To get to know better each other and the client herself. Here I do not speak a relooking but to help my customer tame their style and to put on her personality in value. This study can make before shopping or during the workshop of private fashion design. We benefit from a partnership with Lafayette Galleries from Cannes organize style sessions in their VIP salon.

Ishopforyou.fr is also about group shopping tours, private and public presentations, a partnership with Palais de Festival from Cannes.