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Perfume exposition of the years 2000-2010


29 May 2012

During summer 2012, the International Museum of the Perfumery opens its doors to contemporary creations in perfumery and in the luxury goods industry. 2000 – 2010 are being honoured: perfumers and fashion designers of this decade are promoted across the most notable and the most amazing creations.

This demonstration comes to supplement the selection of perfumes relating to the years 1900-2000, introduced in 2001 during exhibition «one of the senses» and today displayed in the permanent collection of the museum.

The exhibition «The Perfume dresses Fashion» allows to emphasise the perfumery in the more total context of the sectors of the luxury so representative of France, as haute couture, jewellery-making, accessories of mode.

Indeed, the perfume maintains with the fashion of relations at the same time obvious and paradoxical. Obvious because most perfumes sold and bought in the world have the name of a mark of mode; paradoxical because the perfume is at the same time an object which avoids fashion.

At first, we introduce tendencies 2000-2010 of houses of perfumery which correspond, more generally, to those of the sector of the luxury, and at the same time, the big olfactory tendencies of perfumes.

Exhibition introduces creation in perfumery and in fashion over this period, as well as evolution of the habits of purchase of the luxury at this beginning of the XXIth century.

In second time, the most observable tendencies of decade are explored across bottles, clothes, accessories and advertising. Tendencies of picture appear or are so confirmed, at this beginning of the XXIth century, which are found at the same time in perfumery and in the big sectors of the luxury.

Tendencies are declined under four aspects. Glamour and Erotism, Pastes, spangles and star's dreams that marked the years 2000-2010. The Urban World is always also on; as for the Rear-view mirror, he comes back in the ages of crisis. Facing this recrudescence of pictures and of communications, some opt for the perfumery of Alcove, true phenomenon back in authenticity.

Exhibition offers to the visitors to discover bottles of perfume, advertising, clothes of high - sewing, of jewellery, accessories, videos of parades...