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People On a Silent Mode Shitty Ego Pile

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9 November 2021

One thing about people: we bite, we sting, we scroll, we shadow guest, we procrastinate, we gossip, we judge we have time left for love?

We have time to drink, to chat, to release sounds and vibes, to watch the others under the eyebrows, to be envious, to be shallow, and to be ego centred. That's less time for love!

In fact, we don't seem to be made for love! No! We are made for rambling, for waving on illusionary clouds, stepping on undefined shit, plunging on superficial jelly called life. We seem to bounce from one side to another just like on a jelly mound. Squish, squash, let's see what others can do! Do they do it better, do they have more? Time to compensate! Don't have time for love bullshit, this involves consumed energy, this means getting out of the ego comfort. No good! Let's get back to being self cantered, where we build our interior empire.

Silent Mode

Who's got more time for nourishing the soul? That's intangible, we can't see it! So, no wasted time for that! As someone said, life is about eating and drinking, right? You have to know already that this is life for so many! And even more: building a pile of money so no one can see them from above. Just the right level to scrutinize all! But all of that on silent mode! Nobody has to know you have money. No, no, this is a sacrilege! You must not tell people you have money or how you earn it or how many. Keep it low, this will help you grow you ego pile. And this helps because you can go and buy your favourite perfume, silk pyjama, decorations, and jewellery. But only for you! Don't buy expensive gifts for others! Others are bullshit! Buy only the cheapest ones that have a slightly touch of artificial luxury. In the end who gives a fuck? You go there for drinking and eating! Because that's life!

And then, the networking! Such a pleasant human exchange where everybody comes to see what others are doing in life, how they do it and why! But there's that thing again with people: they don't tell you nothing, you don't count for them. You're just a miserable human being who is trying to penetrate their life, pitiful on the inside but glorious on the outside!

Only logo branded looks validate us

No time to share! No time for love! We are here to make our ego grow on a pile of money and golden windows on the inside because on the outside, they need to look poor. We don't have time to help others, no! What if they outgrow us? Then, we would have to let the golden windows be seen on the outside also, along with our shinny branded shoes and bags. We have to enter a room with some certain logo brands on us otherwise we don't exist; we dissipate on a mould of unknown shitty society. Logo brands all over us keep our status alive, we are somebody!

Then, there comes life happening to us! Moments everyone live in their own shell. Nobody gives a fuck you're sick! It only maters when you are well so they can see why and do it better than you. The ego pile needs more fuel. We don't have time to talk honestly; we must preserve our social crust because we are so afraid of someone's touching our ego pile and discover it's sitting on a vulnerable shit.

Everybody nowadays is on the promoted cultural vibe: "je men fou!" Tu t'en fou de quoi, en fait?

Nobody gives a fuck and that's the right society to live in, right? We are all perfectly dusted happy people, we smile with a frozen effort of keeping the mouth in a smiley shape, we talk about weather, drinks and, mostly, about other people because we don't want to unveil our ego pile, and because the pile is so empty inside that you can't fill it with nothing but the bubbly dust of other's people sayings about their life. Sayings because people won't tell you shit about their life, there will be just words about going to the grocery store buying some expensive cucumbers, or about your so-called friend who is going on a trip with we don't know what money because they don't tell shit.


And if you're a person above that ego pile, everyone thinks you're a degenerated, a psychopath, an outsider or a person who hides lots of stuff they don't know about it and they should! That tiny winy bunch of people who are above this shit, we'll have a lot of trouble living with all these ones.

It's a fun and giving society, right?! We must love it and embrace it! No time for love!

By Andra Oprea




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