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Pavillons Monte-Carlo Inauguration, a place for unique Shopping experience

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6 October 2014

On Friday, October 3 the inauguration of five beautiful and long awaited Pavilions Monte Carlo occurred, heralding the era of a whole new shopping experience unique and exclusive in the heart of Monte Carlo. 

The mark of the Société des Bains de Mer has entrusted this unique project to the architect Richard Martinet. With Monaco Sherif Jahlan architectural firm, an exceptional futuristic and ephemeral creation was designed, accommodating twenty shops, pop-up with rounded shapes inspired from the pebbled beaches of the Riviera. The structure of these forms, dressed in a shell off white aluminum panel is composed of completely dismantled and reassembled boxes. 

The gardens, where now temporary boutiques are now located, are called "Boulingrins" the French for "bowling green", a typical British game, whose elegance reminds of the Monte-Carlo thirties. Under the banner of "bowling green" the opening night reserved many surprises (released butterflies, ride to the jasmine scent environment or a brass quartet in English) to most prestigious guests. Thus it was possible to experience and relive in a quirky and chic retro style, the party mood bowling green staged by a dozen British extras. 

Bowling Green is a "bowling" joyful and playful and especially "green" inevitable reflection of the group's commitment to the Société des Bains de Mer to green and sustainable initiatives version. The preservation of gardens and flora is a priority of the Société des Bains de Mer, which features a very consistent green space with trees. And the landscape architect Jean Mus has integrated Pavilions Monte Carlo in Monaco cityscape by designing a rich plant world by the unit with the Gardens of Little Africa. 

The shops foreshadow the future establishment that will redraw the Monte Carlo neighborhood into a place of entertainment and hospitality, on a background of commitment to innovative green urbanism. At the forefront of fashion and trends, these ephemeral constructions host for four years the luxury brands from Avenue des Beaux-Arts and the Sporting d'Hiver.