• Photo credit: Mehmet Turgut

Photo credit: Mehmet Turgut

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Patricia Kaas, shadow of her voice


12 October 2011

Patricia Kaas has known for more than twenty years a real success in the main French speaking countries, germanic Eastern countries germanic, ex URSS, Asia. With more than 17 million past albums, her last opus " Kabaret'' and THE SHOW OF THE SAME NAME were greeted by critics; Patricia Kaas does not stop.

Since 2008, she has been the muse for The Star, the 4th biggest retailing chain of beauty products in the world. Now, she is main actress in a TV film turned in Paris. But Patricia Kaas took time to settle, to open the heart far from spangles and make-ups and this was made by writing.

Patricia Kaas, calm, sincere devotes herself in her biography " The shade of my voice " at Editions Flammarion.
They discover the girl of a father under 18 and a modest family from the east of France. She begins singing to an age when the girls play with the dolls. While it starts her career, illness is going to steal her mother. She decides to sacrifice the girl by surpassing herself on the international stages. The brightness of the spotlights take her mind from her sadness and loneliness? Loneliness is part of the success - is what Alain Delon says, a friend who is enticed from the beginning by this young woman in so particular voice.

We, also, discover impossible love affairs, biological clock, history of a crazy fan, enstrangement from celebrity... a book without concession nor fake feelings.
The singer prepares a new disc and a new show nowadays, Kaas sings Piaf, on the occasion of the fiftieth birthday of the death of Môme-Edith Piaf. At the beginning of 2013, Patricia will leave for a worldwide tour in more than 45 countries.

Written by Johan Yvon