Pastry Chef Jonathan Unveils His Passion and Secret in Avant-Première

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1 May 2022

The passion is one that reminds you who you are and sticks with you. Life has showed Jonathan this path and he folowed it with passion. Jonathan was one of the main partners for the event organised by Stylezza magazine, Food Influencers Awards.

What is your background that led you to the job of Pastry Chef?

It was quite complicated because I, at the beginning, was an osteopath. To pay for osteo school, I worked in pastry. And, suddenly, that's really what made me appreciate pastry. After osteo school, I did the CAP Pâtisserie.

Going from osteopathy to pastry, all the same, is a real change!

It's really a big change but, in the end, it's two passions. I did it, for the moment in combo, one and the other and, little by little, the pastry takes over, necessarily.

Is there a specific influence, for you, in the field of pastry?

Downright ! In fact, I live pastry. All day I think about new things I could do and I love eating baked goods.

Do you have a model, a personality that has influenced you in the field of pastry?

Yes, the greats of pastry: Pierre Hermès, Cedric Griolet, all those who work day and night in pastry. Also, there are pastry chefs who are less well known but who are rising, little by little, too, especially in Paris.

And on the French Riviera?

Yes, there is Lac who taught me everything. It is thanks to him that I loved and learned pastry.

Do you have a favorite recipe?

I love white chocolate and caramel tart.

Is there a taste of childhood that is close to your heart?

Not a lot, because my mother never made too much pastry. The only thing she made was yogurt cake, chocolate cake, it was pretty basic. It was little by little that I learned to create the pastry myself.And you created the Cabbage Bar! Please tell me more about the concept!The concept is to start from a chou that is completely empty and to fill it, little by little, with creams, toppings. The idea is that each person can make a cabbage that suits them completely and that is totally fresh. The choux pastry is crispy, the cream is not in the pastry.

The Bar à Choux is mobile!

Yes ! We go to different events, for individuals or professionals. We have a stand that is completely mountable, dismountable, very easily.

Is this what will set you apart on the regional market?

It is the Bar à Choux that allows me to stand out. This is something that has never been done. We realize that everyone loves cabbage and that it is the traditional French pastry that we are bringing up to date with different flavors and making it a little sexier.You are going to open a pastry shop in Nice! Tell us more details!It really is a preview! The opening of the pastry is planned for this summer, in the center of Nice. There will be a mix of pastries, both traditional and vegan. I have developed a large vegan range. And a Cabbage Bar concept, too!

Who will be integrated into the shop!

Exactly ! It's a quite of a project!

Do you have a message for our readers that you would like to pass on?

I am waiting for you this summer at Jonathan le Pâtissier's shop to discover the creations of pastry and Bar à Choux. 

Interview by Andra Oprea

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