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Paris Night Market, the first 100% night Parisian Market

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3 May 2018

Paris Night Market is a festive platform that allows Parisians and tourists to discover the innovative actors of the Paris region who have been selected for their creativity and their socio-environmental commitments: local artisans, young committed designers, artists, fashion actors sustainable and ethical, produced from natural ingredients and made in France, initiatives with social and environmental impact, local cuisine, bars, concerts, animations and workshops.

It is an ephemeral, innovative and recurrent transformation of the public space. It relies on the promotion of the local economy by encouraging residents and traders to interact differently with the city. A dynamic and family space that stands out for its social and environmental commitment, its choice of stands and its friendly atmosphere.

Paris Night Market encourages people to consume differently and locally, by supporting artisans and young designers, while sharing a convivial moment around good music and good food!

The Universe


Craftsmen, artists, designers of fashion, accessories and design that emphasize innovation, originality, craftsmanship, socio-environmental commitment and the "Made in France".


Stands dedicated to body, mind, beauty and health. Eco-friendly vegan and ethical products. Health and beauty products made locally from natural ingredients. Aromatic plants and flowers.


Stands dedicated to the communication of innovative and committed projects, positive impact startups, ESS companies, innovative Parisian initiatives that improve the everyday life of citizens and the planet.



Concerts by emerging groups in Paris. Performances and installations in collaboration with art schools of the region as well as associations. Workshops organized on environmental and artisanal themes such as ethical consumption, recovery and DIY.


Bars, cooking stands, snacks and drinks prepared with products from organic and local agriculture, cheese, cold cuts and delicatessen offering on-site tastings and take-away.