• A sketch from the Christian Dior Haute Couture spring 2021 collection.  Courtesy of Dior 

A sketch from the Christian Dior Haute Couture spring 2021 collection.  Courtesy of Dior 

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Paris Fashion Week 2021, remote version

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25 January

Paris Fashion Week 2021 seems to be more and more on the remote version, with last-minute changes, due to the actual scenario. Fashion houses that were prepared to stage their collections, were forced to obey the new restrictions and turn their shows into private or watch-on-screen runways. 
Fashion designers like Ralph & Russo, Elie Saab, Jean-Paul Gaulthier changed their schedule according to it. Despite this, 28 fashion houses molded their program to the new one and became creative on this part, too. 

Giorgio Armani Show on Social Media 

Giorgio Armani will hold a private show at Palazzo Orsini that will be broadcast on social media. 
"My couture ateliers have been working hard for months now on a new collection, and I believe it is right and proper to show this to the world, even if that is via a screen rather than in person," Armani said.  He was among the first to broadcast his fashion shows on social media. He did it back in 2007.

"I was probably the first designer to do so. There is actually something I like about showing the world of couture to a wider audience. Naturally, by its very nature couture is a refined and rarefied art, but its symbolic significance is that it expresses a designer's aesthetic at its most unconstrained and imaginative - in the context of fashion, it is creativity in its purest form," Armani explained. 

A change of plans for Chanel fashion shows

Chanel proposed two fashion shows, for this edition: haute couture and ready-to-wear
"We had worked from the start on two possible scenarios for the next collections, both for haute couture and ready-to-wear. It's important to be able to anticipate the situation and not to be caught out," said Bruno Pavlovsky, president of fashion and president of Chanel SAS to WWD. 

Remote fittings for Chanel

The houses sees also other opportunities to communicate and showcase their collections via digital platforms, even though they sell less; this way. So a shift to more flexible and open views are set to the house. This way, fittings are done remotely with specialized teams in countries like China and the U.S. to organize the process. It could sound impossible, but fashion houses adapt really quickly in order to keep their market alive. 
Though Chanel planned to showcase its cruise show in May in Les Baux-de-Provence, a picturesque hilltop village in the south of France, Pavlovsky was reticent to what the near future will look like."2021 will be another year of transition," he said, keeping in mind that the house has suspended all shows for its Métiers d'Art and couture collections in the first half of the year. "It's clear that fashion week in March will still be a little weird." 

As fashion proves to have a higher demand on the Chinese and Middle East part, fashion designers show confidence in the future to get back to normal and increase sales all over the world. Still, there will be structural changes to what the fashion area will look like. People are tired of so much consumerism, overrated marketing and pricing, poor quality products, and unrealistic designs. The shift that is actually manifesting at the moment can lead also to a more conscious buying and to a more responsible way of seeing things. 
In the meantime, fashion shows moved from stage to screens getting visible to a wider audience, but fewer buyers. 

By Andra Oprea