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Paris Fashion Week

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24 January 2013

Fashion trends exhibitions

On a snowy Paris, the Fashion Week made its way through the big flakes and the wet slopes. Street style figures with excentric or high fashioned looks came to runways, designers and journalists gathered together for fashion shows and exhibitions. Time to enjoy the view!

For the fashion exhibitions, Who's Next Paris,Tranoi and Bijorca were the main attractions though the number of visitors was not as high as expected. Tranoi Homme and Tranoi Preview is a combination of brands mostly with Italian and nordic voices and, of course, from France. Not to forget about the asian market. I appreciated a lot the Tranoi Homme charming designs at the Palais de Bourse. Original, excentric items, great styled designers like Scunzani with his leather bags and belts and antique books, colourful casual sport shoes from Veeshoo, strong colours in leather  from Monge Shoes, hats, accessories. The main trends were the printed materials like those found at Milano Parigi, linen bags and leather all over.

For Thanoi Preview, the feminine side of the exposition from the Carrousel du Louvre was more diversified yet, from a general view, the lines are a mix of leather as at American Retro, Versa Versa by Sinead Shannon-Roche, Caterina Lucchi, strong neon colour as seen at La Manufacture, linen at Sennes. The trends from the designers range from bohemian folk found at Vanessa Bruno concentrated on the urban fashion girl to ethnic vintage clothes from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, but also eccentric outfits with graphics and 3D effects like those found at Luigi Barbone. The luxury leather bags like Piece de Resistance, big tribal accessories and hair accessories like at Piera, , hippie chic pieces that bring luck like those from Rita & Zia, all created the right market for fashion addicts.

Another exhibition concentrated on the jewels and accessories was Bijorhca at Porte de Versailles with a large variety of pieces from ethnic to luxury, everyone has at least one piece to choose from. Pretty messages, colourful fruity jewels, high end accessories, the expo gathered together different continents from Brasil to Australia with a great approach to the French market also - a French market that has very much to offer.

The fashion shows:

We don't live anymore in the era of originality. So, every designer tries to cope with his own imagination and come with something different. Sruli Recht tried to combine the new techology with the music of Nico Muhly. The most of the clothes are made from a single piece using an origami technique with japoneese denim and heavy sathyne. Among the innovation stands the leather Anthropodermic, a piece of skin taken from the designer's abdomen, salted and tanned and put on a 24 carat support worn by one of the models.

Bernhard Willhem came with a dynamic show characteristic to the designer: eccentric clothes presented by dancers under the coregraphy of William Forsythe. Under the Japonese influence with stripped clothes, etnic materials, fluo colours, the psychedelic universe was created - a collection for the weirdos one may say,  a trend that is about to get higher and higher on the European market also.

We leave the best for last, as Iris Van Herpen surprised me in a good way. The collection Voltage SS 2013 proved that the white and black never fade, classical lines never disappear, trapezoid silhouettes never go out of trend and, with all these, the designer still captured originality.

The Haute Couture shows rely for the next season on the same lines, one big trend is outlined, though: the return to the roots in a bohemian style. We pass a little from androginity that marked the last years to a more feminine side like Dior, Chanel. And this is great news!

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Editor: Andra Oprea