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16 November 2011

If there is a place in this world where the time stops, where everything is peace and laughs, this place for me is Cadix, here I am happy, wether you are in Chiclana, CoNile, Zahara, Tarif..... Cadix is full of corners and marvellous people, here " my small daughters " were born and transformed me in gaditaine of adoption....

This weekend we packed the suitcase to disconnect the world, without heels, without makeup, without telephones ...... only to enjoy good people, good food and very good music ...... is paradise.

We had an obligatory stop towards the turn of Chiclana in the Tarif. The Arte*vida hotel is one of my special places, an unique place and here I knew Lao ... it is not a kindness?? it did not break loose from my security boots ...

Kisses to all,

I wait for those who do not know the place to stop the time and be completely happy ... I lend you my corner.

Text and photos : Lidia