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Paparazzi party in Monaco

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9 January 2013

Paparazzi Parties, the latest ‘must have' for cool kids and their parents, has opened in Monaco.

For tweenagers who want to be like Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Justin Beiber, Lil Wayne, or any other top music celebrity, Paparazzi Parties offer a range of unique themed event concepts.  Boys and girls aged 8 to 14 years can experience what it's like to be a real pop-star!

Give your child and their guests the ultimate experience in ‘teenage cool' as Paparazzi Parties professional hair, make-up and stylists transform your party guests into their favourite pop star for the day!

*          Have your hair, make-up and clothes styled by the Paparazzi Pros

*          Think like a Fashion Creative and learn how to make your own Mood Board

*          Get top tips from the Paparazzi Parties Style Team on how to strut like a ‘top model'

            or perform like a pop-star.

*          Strut down a real cat-walk to show-off your new look.

*          Strike a pose for the real Paparazzi who will be on hand to capture the moment

*          Play pop star themes and rock along to your music heroes.

When planning your Paparazzi Party, choose from the range of Paparazzi Parties luxury extras that include:

  • Karaoke
  • Producing your own CD with everyone's songs
  • Cool glitter nail painting
  • Customisable T-shirts
  • Custom-designed party invites
  • VIP Passes.
  • Fashion accessories to suit your new ‘pop' look
  • Bespoke goodie bags for guests at the end of the best day ever!
  • Top professional photographer or video shoot

All parties can be customised to your child's dreams and desires.  You choose what cool things you want and Paparazzi Parties makes it happen !

For more information, contact us on or 06 03 02 42 37.