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Online fashion magazine - Burn limited edition

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9 March 2012

Style tips and tricks

The energisant drink joins the 15 years of colette with the comprehension of a two cans limited edition by DARCEL.

The artist from New York reveals his inventive world illustrated by his imaginary figure.

The humorous and sensitive imagination of DARCEL alloyed with the energy of Burn

By participating in the 15 years of colette, Burn declines the plan of inventive step having as promise to be the energy which liberates the imagination of the artists. To celebrate its birthday, colette asked DARCEL for an exhibition of 150 portraits. With this opportunity, the artist declined his famous figure on Burn cans in the hopeless pout, which wobbles every day between instants of joy and disappointment to form suites of infinite stories.

By joining artists, Burn leaves free lesson in their creative imagination so that they re-visit absolutely the design of the cans by transforming them with their own style. This first collaboration to enliven the design of cans announces so other pretty creations between Burn and known and acknowledged artists, which will be revealed throughout the year.

2 exclusively collectors cans at colette

This cans collectors Burn Day and Burn Intense will be sold and given during « colette carnival » in the garden of Tile factories on March 10th and 11th of this year. An unpublished factual concept making available for the general public a tent of 4000m2 in which will be united creators, artists, stands of fooding, of mode and design for a holiday in colette's colours. At the same time, Darcel will display colette in the boutique, 150 portraits " darcellisés " of personalities fromthe world of fashion, music and design, until March 31st.

Cans collectors will then be sold exclusively at colette's by dint of 5 euro within the limits of the available supplies.