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One pair of shoes, infinite looks and colors: the coolest autumn trend

fashion & styletrends

28 August 2014

What a better way to return from holidays rather than with a great sense of creativity and uniqueness?! Be cool, be smart and come back to work or school with a fresh vivid idea: a pair of shoes that can be different at any time you choose. How come? Easy! Daddy Coool has partnered with Monkies Shoes to make you pull out the artist in you.

Get yourself a pair of shoes, your markers and put some colors on them. We did the same thing and we felt really cool. A walk on the streets with the shoes on a pure white came unnoticed but after releasing the artistic vibe within me and colouring them, they could, definitely, be noticed. We put them on a chevalet, just to get the painter inspiration, we thought of mandalas, of fractals and swirls. In the end, it is up to everybody`s imagination. You can draw a portrait, you can paint a landscape or even robots, write messages or even food. It is absolutely up to you to decide. Now you have the canvas at your shoes and walk the entire city with it.

What it is more fun is that the drawing can be erased and made another so that everytime you have with the same pair of shoes, you have, in fact, a new one. 

The kit contains 1 pair of baskets with 7 markers and a sponge, 1 inspirational book with drawings and 2 Daddy angel wings cool for the lacets. All this at a special price of 49 euros.

One thing more, besides fun and creativity, easy to wear and cool look, is that every sale from Daddy Coool and Monkies Shoes project has 1% to go to the Association Clowns of Hospitals for kids and old people. So, grab your shoes and express all your creativity on them. Sure thing, you`ll be unique at your work or school.

Let`s see the story in images and I bet you can do better than me!

Editor Andra Oprea