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On trend: Skydive for your events

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30 August 2013

Flying, this ultimate dream of man, is the daily routine for Sebastian Carbillet and his team from Professional Parachutisme Demonstration. Member of France parachuting team, this accomplished sportsman, decided, after having met Vincent Jay, the Olympic champion of biathlon, to create Professional Parachuting Demonstration... 

In France or abroad, the troops of Professional Parachutisme Demonstration jumped in Paris, Dubai, Monaco or Saint-Tropez or other places of the globe. 

With parachutists specialized on voltige and landing precision, combined with years of practice in high level international competitions, the skydive can bring a touch of strong feelings for your event. 

The conditions of flight and of demonstration are rigourously prepared and with a lot of professionalism by Professional Parachutisme Demonstration who takes care of the administratives autorisations, technical and logistical issues. 

Jump in tandem

In the sound of the plane, launching into the sky, firmly fastened to an instructor. The time to enjoy incredible view of the earth seen from the sky, as you have never seen it and the parachute opens. You took off from the Gap-Tallard aerodrome and you can see the White Mont and all chain of the Alps. Still a few seconds... Your feet touch the ground... 

Accompagnied free fall

To discover and to achieve autonomy in free falling and under veil. In some jumps, the stagiaire can jump alone. Half a day of theory to learn the necessary gestures for free fall then comes the hour for the first jump from 4000 metres, held by two monitors during the firts 50 seconds. 

Seances in blower:

Feel the feelings of free fall without quitting the ground  with a session in blower, on a powerful air tunnel who allows to fly. The first steps to the sky...

Practical information: • to be authorised to jump: 15 past years. • medical Certificat for practicing parachuting sports. 

Professional Parachutisme Demonstration opens you the doors of the sky. Whether it is for jumps of prestige, as part of a public or private event, or for introductions in tandem or in the techniqueof Accompanied Progress in free fall, Sebastian Carbillet and his team, strong in a long experience offer, in France or abroad, benefits of high level, in complete security... 

Write to us on office @ or phone directly to Tel: + 33 (0) 6 98 91 19 72