On our way to Halloween

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31 October 2011

Prepping a bit for Halloween by trying out some different possible outfits. Me and my friends always went all out on Halloween when we were little, walked around the neighbourhood and thought we looked totally scary when we were trick-or-treating dressed like witches (NOTE: I think we looked more like totally cute and silly, haha!). These days I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, although I kind of like the fashion possibilities that come with it. 
I brought my totally cute dog with me (Mr. Gimli) who somehow never manages to look scary, no matter how hard he tries. 

I am wearing this really cool, transparent dress from Thrifted&Modern, which I got (as a gift) a really long time ago but didn't find the perfect thing to match it to until now. The really nice, navy blue knit comes from VILA and my shoes are from Modekungen. Oh and the really cool rings are also from Thrifted&Modern , you should definitely check out that store if you haven't yet - one of my current online favourites for sure. Especially if you like the dark romantic things, like I do.

Text and photos: Amanda Brohman,  http://thestylegossiper.blogspot.com