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Nike launches its collection Yoga for Men and Women

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8 January 2019

Yoga, the new trend of the moment! Mias, outfits are needed!

There is a secret training weapon that many top athletes use, skateboarders as sprinters: YOGA.

Nike launches new training sessions with Yoga exercises on the Nike Training Club app, available from January. These trainings entitled "Enhance Your Training with Yoga" include sessions that include the benefits of Yoga in your sport routine to help you achieve your next goals, strengthening you, improving your stability but also your stamina or flexibility. Yoga will allow you to raise the level of your training.

Nike is also launching its first collection of clothing designed specifically for Yoga. A collection for men and women. This Nike Yoga collection includes pieces designed to provide ease of movement, versatility and support, whether you're mastering the Sirsasana (Head Down) or simply lying Savasana.

Description : Celebrate the Athleticism of Yoga 20Description : Nike Yoga Collection