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22 November 2012


This place takes shape as a dressing of girls.Femini-Sens flirts with past by choosing marks inspired between others by the Hollywood glamour, sixties, reign "Hinny".

All chosen marks have an asserted well style but live together between them thanks to their coherence to be known: sublimate the womanhood which is in every woman. Femini-sens creates the own collection.The Woman is in the middle of our concerns and it passes by attentive listening of our customers and by advice in picture. A baby to turn down the corner of "tearoom « offers a "relaxation" instant and allows to the misters to "wait «. 

52 rue Gioffredo - Nice



"Here, exit tradition, place to the new creators, to the pointed models in exclusive rights or preview"

"An audacious and exclusive selection of sunglasses: LGR, Cazal, Linda Farrow Luxe, Balenciaga, Moscot..."

1 rue Alphonse Karr - Nice



You can find at Lucien Chausseur a various range of shoes foR women and men, bags, belts all created with style. 

6, rue Bonaparte - Nice

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When they ask Albert Goldberg why he launched into the adventure of a new  men clothes brand, him who invented Façonnable half a century ago, the smart sportwear, Albert Goldberg, names... Compay Segundo and Zinedine Zidane. 
"... The Promenade des Anglais has to find all its chandelier. I wanted with my boutique to participate to this revival." 

5 promenade des Anglais - Nice



By entering the solar space of the very new boutique AT Nicetoile, you will be surprised by the modernity and the refinement of the lines of ready to wear women and men collections.

Quality of cloths, silk, cotton, velvet, well detailed finishings, trendy cuts, under the inspiration of new talented fashion designers, Souleiado links from now onto the contemporary lines to its traditional forms.

Vaulted shirts, adjusted trousers, female extremist dresses, the unitforms are next to streaks and to famous "flies" motives within the Souleiado spirit. But, this season, twinkle to the stars of the fifties, it is the pea which makes his star, Brigitte Bardot version or Marylin.

Centre Cial Nice Étoile, Niveau -1 - Nice



Tiffany & Co. designs holiday gifts of exquisite beauty and quality. Handcrafted jewelry sparkles with the world's finest diamonds and colorful gemstones. 

Verdun 6 avenue de Verdun - Nice



For Marina Rinaldi, COLOR BLOCK constitutes the modern expression of a young woman, aware of its spontaneous charm and in search of glamorous proposals.

4 avenue de Suède - Nice



Anne Fontaine designed her first collection in 1993. What began as a collection of white shirts has grown into a lifestyle brand, offering a full collection of tops, outerwear, knits, accessories, handbags, a home fragrance collection and now an exclusive cosmetic skin care line. Anne Fontaine opened their first store in the Rive Gauche section of Paris in 1994. Since then, they have expanded to over 80 boutiques worldwide, including flagships in Paris, Tokyo, & NYC, as well as the introduction of a retail/spa concept in their Paris Flagship in 2007.


4 avenue de Suède - Nice



Louis Vuitton is an international French home of francaise luxury leather shop, founded in 1854 by the layetier-packer, later trader in fine leather goods, Louis Vuitton whose work was followed and taken back by his descendants. Louis Vuitton Malletier is one of the main subsidiaries of the group LVMH founded in 1987, and property of the multimillionaire Bernard Arnault since 1989.

2 avenue de Suède - Nice



The Italian brand offers its audacious and very feminine lines to the women that want to be elegant and chic.

1 rue Alphonse Karr - Nice



Creation transformations, jewellery repairing and any leading watches. Enfilage of pearl strings, workshop of jewellery-making on the spot. Change of piles of watches.


11 rue Masséna - Nice



Ferrat: a security guard of Time, chosen by the Greatest. 

Welcome to the world «of a barefaced beauty» said Nietzsche regarding the French riviera. 

It is here, that the jeweller Ferrat decided more than 40 years ago to open its first boutique. 

In Cannes first, the place where stars and crowned heads gather; then in Nice, capital of the French riviera, and finally in Monte Carlo, Place of the Casino, in the gallery of the mythical Hotel of Paris. 

Today, Ferrat jewellery-makers, dressed in elegant "green Guatemala" marble, became the cases of the most prestigious Swiss watchmaking Houses.

12 avenue de verdun - Nice



The most ancient jewellery-making of Nice offers its creations as well as big watchmaking references in its boutique.


14 avenue de Verdun - Nice



To Carré Creation, behind every jewel, there is a man or a woman and a  special story. A learnt game, a strict job, materials such as the gold and silver, PVC, the stainless steel or the steel are conjugated to give jewellery of character revealing the peculiar and original personalities of the designers who created them. The Carré Creation jewellery regroups the jewellery of designers from France but also from Germany, from Italy or from Portugal.

4 rue Longchamp - Nice



We find the fashion, Sport and Men collections in the Scapa boutiques with the latest trends on.


5 rue de La Liberté - Nice



The most trendy barnds can be found in the La Fabric store.


5 rue du Docteur Michel Rosanoff, passage Émile Negrin - Nice



The LEPAGE jewelry boutique is perfectly situated in the center of the most beautiful stores in Nice at the intersection of  n°1 rue de la liberté and n°7 avenue Jean Medecin.


7 avenue Jean Médecin, 2 rue Paradis - Nice



Since 1945, located in the middle of Nice, on the avenue Jean Medecin, in the department of the Alpes-Maritimes, the Grosgogeat Opticien puts all its seriousness and its know-how at your disposal to welcome you, to recommend you, and to make you be of benefit of the last technological innovations in glasses: specialists Varilux EyeCode d' Essilor. 

25 avenue Jean Médecin - Nice




The boutique of Léa Morin is full of unique vintage pieces.  

4 rue Diderot - Nice




A boutique dedicated to men who love to buy unique pieces.

6 rue Martin Seytour - Nice



With its authentic Malgache ambience, Anne and Bertrand Vignes' boutique-workshop, recently opened on the Riviera, will undoubtedly transport you to a unique universe that displays leather travel chests, traditional fabrics, exotic animals and an authentic touch of wildness and esoterism. The charm of the boutique combines with the authenticity of a workshop with its machines, tools and workbenches on which Bertrand crafts his leather. A world in which adventure exemplifies elegance. 


13 rue Bavastro - Nice




Day after day, Mademoiselle unite the biggest names of French fashion in its unique boutique devoted to excellence.

Specialised in sale and purchase of collections Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton (certified products).


41 rue de France - Nice



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