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Nice a L’école de l'histoire Exhibition

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20 July 2017

From the first inhabitants of the prehistoric site of Terra Amata to the tourists of the Promenade des Anglais, for 400 000 years, Nice has always been present at the great rendezvous of History. A five-chapter exhibition of a city and its territory, this exhibition is a veritable gallery of time: from the invention of fire to the Greek colony, from the Roman conquest to the Barbarian invasions, from the Christianization to the Provence land of France Or Empire, from the invention of tourism to globalization, from the two World Wars to July 14, 2016.

This exploration of a few millennia of Nice history constitutes its imaginary museum, a museum where masterpieces of all periods meet, highlighting the singularity of the destiny of this great Mediterranean city.

The Masséna Museum

The Massena Museum is housed in the Villa Massena, designed in neoclassical style between 1898 and 1901 by architects Aaron Messiah and Hans-Georg Tersling, on behalf of Victor d'Essling (1836-1910), grandson of Marshal of Nice André Masséna (1758-1817). Its gardens were designed by landscape architect Édouard André.

The last large stately villa built on the Promenade des Anglais, and one of the only ones still visible today, it is ceded to the City of Nice in 1918, subject to a museum and open the Garden to the public. The Museum Masséna was inaugurated in 1921. After several years of restoration, the museum reopens its doors to the public on 1 March 2008 on the basis of a scientific and cultural project reaffirming the vocation of local history of the museum.

As a counterpoint to MAMAC's "About Nice: 1947-1977" exhibition, which evokes a moment in the history of art where Nice has "made École", the exhibition of the Musée Masséna explores, over the long term , Some of the sequence where Nice has been at the rendezvous of world history in a significant way.

The exhibition proposes an exploration of a few millennia of the history of Nice and underlines the links with the general history, it constitutes the sketch of a portrait of the city where will meet masterpieces of all the eras. Throughout the exhibition's chapters, on the entire second floor of the Masséna Museum, over 200 pieces, from the most insignificant masterpieces to the most moving archaeological fragments, will mark a gallery of time offering an exciting journey And reasoned in the history of Nice and its territory.