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18 January 2012


The range anti-age in gold, perfume cedar and patchouli: this new range for a sparkling complexion, sublimated by the subtle perfume of cedar and patchouli, is composed of noble synonymous ingredients of precious and sumptuous, with long known anti age benefits since Antiquity. Main component, the 23 karats gold regenerates cells and illuminates the brightness of the skin; micronised pearls have a toning effect. 

The cream includes powerful assets to fight wrinkles. This action is owed to synergy between 23 karats gold 23, the  hyaluronique acid, mighty antiwrinkles, the extract of caviare, rich in vitamins and the extract of pearls, stimulating cutaneous growth. The silky key of cream marries the skin and softens it by helping it to find its youth and its energy. Use: Apply in fine coat on the cleaned skin. Composition: Particules of 23 karats gold, acid hyaluronique, extracts from caviare and extract of of pearl. Capacity: 50ml Price: 39€

The exfoliating in 23 karats gold with the extract of micronised perles and corundum has a great anti age effect. His not fatty texture slides on the skin favouring exfoliation. It brings a gentle cleaning in order to reveal beauty and brightness of the skin. The particles of corundum, similar to the diamond, and of the pearl clean the skin gently to eliminate the dead cells. Use: Apply rubbing-out on the face and massage it in small movements. Rinse clear water deeply. Use 1 - 2 times a week. Composition: Extrait of pearl and corundum and 23 karats gold . Capacity: 100ml Price: 35€

The mask anti-age in gold, perfume cedar and patchouli:This mask is a real face cell renewal, bringing up the pearl effects, and an anti age power by the presence of  23 karats gold particles is a true accelerator. His soft and light texture brings comfort and silky in the skin. The pearl particles give a remarkable feat to the dry skins leaving the smooth and bright skin. Use: Apply the mask on the face and let it action during 10 minutes. Rinse clear water deeply. Use 1 - 2 times a week. Composition: Extrait of micronised pearls and particles of 23 karats gold. Capacity: 100ml Price: 35€  

Elixir anti-age in gold, perfume cedar and patchouli:This face elixir is a rich and regenerating care filled with treasures. It is composed of caviare extract, being packed in vitamins, in oil of arganet of gold particles 23 karats. His not fatty texture penetrates fast into the epidermis to readjust the hydrolipidic film of the skin. The synergy of these ingredients leaves the skin bright and glorious. Use: After make-up removal, to apply a dosed' elixir to the face, neck and the décolleté and to assemble by small circular movements up to perfect penetration. A night care or a weekly mask can be. Composition: argan oil, caviar extract, vitamin E, gold particles 23 karats. Capacity: 50ml Price: 79€ 

'Ancestral gold ceremony " for the face: In the antiquity rituals till our days, women were bedecked with gold as a true secret of beauty, to illuminate the brightness of their complexion. According to the legend, Cleopatra applied a gold mask before sleep to take advantage of its every effects for the skin. 

1) The care of the face begins with a make-up removal in depth from the milk to the argan to leave the net skin, ready to accept an ancestral ceremony of beauty.

2) Application of a rubbing-out in gold 23 karats and in the bright particles of precious stones and pearls, texture of which slides on the skin as a caress of softness. It is perfectly exfoliated and finds a sublimated touch and brightness. Once the rinsed skin, application of a flower elixir.

3) The face is entirely assembled during 15 min with a delightful honey of massage in gold pearls and extract of caviare, by maneuvers of massage toning on the outline of eyes, the face, the nape. The texture of honey slides on the skin and is first transformed into mellow frost then into emulsion which liberates its advantageous ownership for cutaneous slackening. Rinse and application of a flower elixir for a smooth and tonic effect.

4) The mask anti-age in gold 23 karats takes the face of its subtle refinement, in the perfume of cedar and patchouli, to make from this experience a luxury beauty care. It remains put down during 15 minutes on the skin which immerses itself in its regenerative virtues to give again to him his brightness of the most glorious.

5) Hot towels impregnated with a fragrance of amber are going to be applied to the face for a delicate modelling which is made by light and definite movements.

6) This anti age care of the face ends by the application of elixir anti-age in 23 karats gold, in the extract of caviare, enriched in oil of argan and in the vitamin E which be going to reveal the true beauty of the skin thanks to its refreshing and rehydrating effect

7) to improve care, application of a day cream for an intense and rich penetration. Length of care: 1:15 am min environ Price: 79€