New concept of home made bio cosmetics


24 January 2012


MyCosmetik offers you the possibility of creating your own cosmetics at home from basic ingredients, 100 % bio and natural (creams, milk, shampoos, masks, oils of beauty for hair, body, face, hands, feet to hydrate, nourish, remove make-up, wash, give good mine etc). 

MyCosmetik is born from the idea of the "do it yourself" applied to beauty bio products and we try to make live together ethical values and daily routines. 

It is easy, healthy and playful:

Stage 1: Choose your products to create.

Stage 2: Order the kit containing all ingredients and "recipe «

Stage 3: Follow the recipe and it is ready

Make the beauty products at home, it is also to understand and to manage what is good for your skin. Files and explicative chips are there to help you to understand what you use, what ingredients act between them and which are their ownership benefactors. 

Our stocks: Consume in another way!

We want to take back the control of what we use. Finished parabènes, powders of aluminium, silicones, PEG, products of synthesis...

MyCosmetik, it is also a team of enthusiasts that shares the idea of consuming better and in another way, giving again a little more senses in the essential things and being less subjected to the things that imposes us the industrial mass area.

5 Good reasons to make beauty products at home:

1 - They are 100 % natural and bio

2 - They are more concentrated in active principles therefore more efficient.

3 - No damaging component

4 - It is easy and playful

5 - They smell good

You can also consult our online boutique to , or our page devoted to concept