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Natalie Portman talks about Jackie Kenedy's Style

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18 October 2016

Natalie Portman opens up about her new role in the movie Jackie out this December 2. She is very enthusiastic about playing this role and incarnating the fashion icon that Jackie Kennedy was.

Jackie Kennedy is still a fashion inspiration for many, an icon that symbolizes style and feminity. As the First Lady of America she imposed her style with grace, even though she had a lot of critics at the beginning. Afterwards, the critics turned into admiration. The tailored skirts, the oversized sunglasses, the trench coats, the classical dresses, the hats, they all created the look that fitted only Jackie.

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Just like Jackie, Natalie Portman tries to do her best and be her own, having her own feminine style and way of seeing life. Just like Jackie, she loved keeping her private life to herself. 

"I personally stay away from social media because when you have a lot of attention on you already, privacy becomes the most valuable, luxurious thing, and it feels nice to just keep that little corner for myself. The idea of celebrity is changing these days, but I think it's dangerous to think of yourself as a brand instead of as a person. I try to be true to myself, and hopefully that projects an image so people can understand who I am from afar." she said.

Looking forward to seeing how much from Natalie we see in Jackie and how much from Jackie we see in Natalie in the movie, Jackie. 

Editor Andra Oprea