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Makeup, Beauty Trends and Passion
Makeup, Beauty Trends and Passion

Makeup is a passion related to beauty ...

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Nars exclusively at Sephora


23 November 2012

Collection Pop - Andy Warhol

Pioneer of pop art, film director and editor, Andy Warhol is one of the visual artists the most important of the XXth century. He had the habit of joking by saying: «with art, it is possible to justify everything». A painting, a film, one televised pub, an album cover, or interviewing a cinema star. For Andy, art could take no matter what form, and all that it undertook, he made it as though it was about a work of art. Many years already, François Nars draws inspiration from the world of Andy Warhol. As part of an exclusive collaboration, Nars and Sephora launch a luminous, audacious collection and pop in the purest mind Andy Warhol.

That are the expressions and shades, or else packing and names, every element of the collection recalls the vision which carries François Nars on the cool world, colourful and full of character of Warhol. Everybody is a Superstar. At least during 15 minutes...

Eye shadow Palettes

Palettes give variations on the topic Flowers (Flowers) of Andy Warhol, in 1965. Logo in chromium and quotations of Andy Warholsur mirrors.

Flowers 1

« Yew tree you can convince yourself that you look fabulous, cloudy you can save yourself the of primping.» - Andy Warhol Blanc, dark brown, rose, lavender, and and on a bottom of grey glittering lavender and of black cloud.

Flowers 2

« You need to let the little things that you ordinarly bore you suddenly thrill you.» - Andy Warhol Blanc and sky blue patterned on a bottom of grey glittering lavender and of unnuage of black.

Flowers 3

« All pretty simple percentage.» - Andy Warhol Blanc, pink champagne and dark brown on a bottom of grey lavandescintillant and of black cloud.

Price: 45 € the palette