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Nails for Christmas, nails for winter time

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19 September 2012

Whatever is our age, the winter always manages to fascinate us: landscapes dressed in white, absolute silence, powdered freshness, unpleasant smells of cinnamon and of vanillas when candles switch on. The winter, it is first of all a nature which saw a parenthesis white, scintillating and light as the flakes which are getting dark and recuperate all that encircles us. Put your nails so in diapason with a collection very winter FING' RS and answering the féérique name for Wonderland, for the end of one year imprinted by delicacy.

Designs which warm up the heart when the thermometer is in free fall FING' RS had united for this winter four exclusive designs, taking each back the key elements of this mythical season:

With look Frosty, glacial cold makes tendency: a frozen blue, a soft ice crystal, discreet pastes which underline the drawing poetically. The winter is on holiday.
Snowflake is a homage to winter nature. Everything of white "dressed", this look takes back classic French manicure and bring its Winter touch there: 2 flakes underlined of paste. A precious manicurist in the paces of jewel, it is also this, Christmas.

With look Wunderland, you are in a nice winter tale, where the woman is celebrated in all her womanhood. On your nails swirl the white outlines the flowers, the crystals and others delicate ornaments. On the basis of French give a manicure, this look am resolutely glamorous and féérique.
The look Crystallized captured three nicer flakes of this winter on a pearl grey bottom, in the strassé heart. This look bewitches us and makes us live the most glamorous of the winters.

Nails as light as the flakes, who give a maximum comfort

Wonderland Nails one is delight for eyes, but also for your nails: ultra-flexible, ultra-light, they make no more than one with the natural nails. Wonderland Nails is self-adhesive, making easier so at the farthest the technology of application. 

Suppleness and quality, the masters-words of self-adhesive technology FING' RS Wonderland Nails in limited edition if autocollent on the natural nails, and to guarantee a perfect keeping, FING' RS has recourse to a flexible equipment and of a big delicacy. Self-adhesive technology authorises us to pass us of all habitual equipment in manicurist, and with 24 nails of every packet, every nail will find Wonderland Nail in its size, for a keeping about 3 days.
For a perfect result, we recommend you to file nails well once these applied. The file in the form of banana of FING' RS is particularly adapted.
FING' RS Winter Wonderland Nails limited Edition - Ref. On 2341 - env. 5,90 euro
Winter Wonderland Nails by FING' RS is available in edition limited from November, 2012, in big and medium surfaces. 

Source: beautypress