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Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, your luxury travel

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12 June 2014

What distinguishes Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort from all the other gorgeous resorts on the so-called island of the winds?
The whole place seems designed, in fact, around who they think you are - most likely a hard-working person who's coming to Mykonos on vacation from a stressful job, probably someone who's accustomed to cramped city living, perhaps someone who practices yoga or goes to the gym regularly.  

Umbrellas, chaise longues, and attending staff members await guests on the hotel's idyllic Shirley Valentine beach. The main restaurant, Dolphins of Delos, offers elegant open-air dining, while the more casual Aqua e Sole features seafood and salads under a wooden pergola by the poolside. At night, peer through the telescope at the fanciful White Bar, then raise your champagne flute to toast one of those rare moments in life when a little bit of predictability isn't a bad thing - when the image you had in your mind is exactly what it looks like in person.

How to get there:

The hotel is located 2.5 miles, about a 12-minute drive, from Mykonos Airport.

Prices from 183 €

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