• Photo courtesy of Gregory Berben

Photo courtesy of Gregory Berben

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MyCube mixes the football vibe with culture and artistic creation

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11 September 2013

MYCUBE, it is an object initially created with the purpose of combining deco, communication and artistic creation.

It is the Pop Art spirit, by offering a fibre of cellulose as raw material, a future to be artists' catalogue and a multichannels distribution (shops, licensed, Internet).

MYCUBE represents in the year of 2013, an active participation to a major event: MP 2013, Marseilles, the European Capital as official product.

It is here that the link between football, culture and artistic creation, in the middle of this demonstration begins.

At first, an ex player of the OM, ancient champion of France allows the connection between MYCUBE and the Phocean club. Starting from here, the outlines of a possible collaboration came alive doubled by a bet in touch from MP2013's staff.

MYCUBE is then kept in the short List of the official products of the major cultural event of the year. A specific collection composed of several artists which alloys OM and "sport" artists mingle had then to be chosen. Under the aegis of our favourite ex player of the OM, a meeting with the artist of Cannes Greg Berben, allowed us to advance on this plan.

His coloured world and his sports culture came as the natural collaboration. «12 ème man» becomes the artistic creation MYCUBE waited for. It is since broadcast in the best boutiques of Marseilles, as in the Pavilion M and tomorrow in that of OM, at the end of ongoing negotiations. Here is the history of this small cube which grows very quickly by integrating with the cultural hit of the year with one of the sports most hype brands. Sports and culture, here is an union which MYCUBE will continue to devellop to democratise the art expression.