My silver pants

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19 October 2011


My precious silver pants!I only wore them once and that has to change now. I'm

starting to realize what Mom and Hubby are talking about-I really have a lot of

clothes.When I moved to Vienna,I gifted 2 big black bags full of clothes and

still,I'm full:) 


Did I mention to you that I don't have space in closet,no no,I have a whole room for my clothes and shoes!Whole room transformed into wardrobe.It's really

girl's paradise and I'm spending half of my time there.


Back to important things,a lot of amazing stuff happened to me and to my blog the last days,one of them was the article I

told you about in last post -my blog got space on new online magazine Stylezza!Yes,sir!From now on,you can find me

and some bloggers on this part of site,too!Sooo exciting!!Have a great



I'm wearing H&M silver pants,Zara blazer,Stradivarius shoes,Bag

DIY,Fur stole from my mom and necklace-280 Urban art (find it on


Text and photo by Borjana Belic