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Must have trends - Neon fashion is back

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31 August 2011

Must have trends

Fashion has its cycles and one of them is 90’s neon. It is a trend that came back more updated and stylish. Great brands started to create neon collections and great names to wear it.

From stars like Victoria Beckham wearing a neon dress at a party, the crazyness of neon clothing gets a new meaning.  From snickers to luxury cars, all adopt neon color. Designers looked to acid colors that will explode the catwalks and the streets. (photo source: justjared.com)

Livestrong X Nike Sweet classic is made in a bright yellow color very eye-popping. It is, also, a charitable fashion choice.

The Mercedes Benz AMG E –Cell luxury car comes in a powerful yellow color named “AMG Lumilectric Mango”. The model will be released in 2015.

Furniture is, also, a field that neon style captured. Look at this armchair made by Redo Studio. The armchair R 15 is created for the free stylers, for those who prefer wide proportions and tough colors. Graceful legs-buckles made of polished steel is penetrated by modern style: http://redo-studio.com/en/products/furniture/r15