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27 September 2012


Big classics or new editions, here are the main products of the range Ayer which becomes more attractive and more pleasant for the skin. All products distinguish themselves by a big softness alloyed with a huge effectiveness.

Golden Balsam Radiance Energy

Gold, luxury and sensuality for this deep care serum for a clear beauty. Based on gold pigments, it can be used as a serum, a perfecteur of complexion or for just key of brightness not only on the face but also on the neckline, shoulders also - for holidays or every day!

Active principles: Matrixyl ®, aloe vera, panthénol, NMF, vitamin E

Ayer Golden Balsam Line Radiance Energie, bottle measuring glass airless 79 €

Special day cream Sensitive Skin

This cream of blue colour is a big classic of the range Ayer. It has very faithful supporters in the world for many years. Rich and soft, it protects, hydrates, feeds the delicate and dry skins. Thanks to its comforting and anti-inflammatory components, the Special Day cream Sensitive Skin attenuates redness and annoyance and brings immediately comfort and suppleness.

Active principles: camomile, panthénol, liquorice, vitamin E, glycerine.

Special Ayer Day cream Line Sensitive Skin, 50 ml, 45 € 

Ayer was one of the first marks to launch a complete line of care for the sensitive skins in the fifties!

Eye make-up remover Special Line

This make-up remover is most unusual for its presentation, its effectiveness, its softness. In stick, simple and economic use, it was especially worked out for the fragile eyes which get annoyed easily. Very soft, it discharges the tired eyes by removing make-up from them and eliminates waterproof making-up even!

Active principles: Azulène, triglycérides, Vaseline pharmacopoeia

Cleansing Special Ayer eyes, stick 20g: indicative public price 24 €

Ayerol Ultra Mat

Ayerol is a SOS care against buttons, redness and annoyance. Applied locally, preferably in the evening, the cream acts fast. Very efficient and very soft at the same time, it is suitable not only for the fatty skins but for all skins having occasional inflammations. A product necessary to all family. Most: its nice smell which reminds of the beeswax and of flowers.

Active principles: Wax of honeybee, Panthénol Oxyde of zinc, bactericidal, Lanolin

Ayer UltraMat Ayerol 15ml: 25€

Cellular Dynamic Concentrated solution 

This sublime serum in the natural perfume of orange is tonic one unique for every skin which requires a supplement of energy care, continuation at the age or in unusual overwork. It develops an optimum effect in association with the Cream 24 h Cellular Dynamics but can also be used under another cream or the only one. After application, the tired skin beams again with vitality and with energy.

Active principles: coenzyme Q10, oil of macadamia, spreads with butter shea, biotine, vitamin E 

Cellular Dynamic Concentrated Ayer 30m- 67 


Line FlorAyer

FlorAyer is a new natural and cool line face and body which includes 7 products: The Night cream (Nectar of evening) and the Day cream (Dew of morning), a cleansing Water, a reforming Mask, a Hand cream, a Fluid exfoliant and a Cream for the body. Having formulated based on pure water of the Swiss glaciers and Alpine plants, products Florayer make in the skin the effect of a stay in the mountain. The ideal for all city-dwellers lacks it with pure air.

Active principles: extracted Ecocert ® from edelweiss, from buddleia and from thyme, butter of shea, iris Florentine, oils jojoba, water of the Swiss glaciers.

FlorAyer price 24 - 45-€