Moody Aquarium sink

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1 September 2011

How lovely is to wash your hands along with the fishes. No, of course, just the sensation comes with it. But the design surely creates the impact. Manufactured by Open Kristallux in Italy, Moody Aquarium is a special piece that changes your whole bathroom idea. It is Zen type, it is relaxing, it is creative.

Moody Aquarium can be applied to your wishes: it depends on your theme you want to choose: gold fishes, exotic fishes or a Zen garden to enjoy your eyes and mind.

Your design can be arranged and rearranged by a lift of the sink glass. There are opening on the both part of the sink that is covered by soap holders that can provide access to fish feeding. All the ambience in the aquarium is maintained by a power circuit.

You can buy it from Opulentitems at the price of $4500.