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Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 2017

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28 September 2017

The Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 2017, for its 12th edition, will take place between 16 November and 2 December at the Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo.

"True to itself, the festival reflects the music of jazz as it is: open to all musical currents, always leaving room for tradition, without being immobile, inspired by all the music of the world, and making Throughout this 12 th edition, we will meet the greatest musicians of the moment, the most beautiful voices of contemporary jazz, the greatest soloists. 11 years of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival, it shows that jazz is still as diverse, unconcerned and free-loving, and for its opening night on 16 November, the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 2017 has chosen a monument From Tuesday, November 17 to Saturday, December 2, we will have several concerts with the biggest names of the band. jazz of today, like Stac ey Kent, Dhafer Youssef, Chick Corea and Steve Gadd around their project The Corea / Gadd Band. We will also pay tribute to two great legends since we will receive Texas and Christophe. As always, the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival is also the way to discover the jazz of tomorrow, with new formations such as the female trio Sirius Plan, James Carter's Elektrik Outlet and new talents like Laurent Coulondre. Finally, we will close this festival with the band Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, who will enjoy playing the hits of the moment rearranged with different musical genres. The Puppini Sisters, considered the best group of close harmony in the world, will share the poster. "(Jean-René PALACIO, Artistic Director Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer)

Thursday, 16 November

Cory Henry is a multi-instrumentalist (organ and piano) and a New York producer with a surprisingly busy career for his age. He is particularly renowned for his harmoniously rich organ playing, which draws more inspiration from the virtuoso pianist Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, than from his peers (Jimmy Smith and other great figures of the Hammond organ) . At times, he captures the very essence of jazz and gospel in his music, and produces, from these two components, a new language. When improvising, Cory Henry shows a maturity beyond his years. Unlike many virtuosos it is also a great sideman. He has collaborated with Kenny Garrett, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Fallon and Puff Daddy. His impressive performances improvised have earned him to be faithfully followed by his fans on Youtube. His title "First Steps", released in the spring of 2014 was number one on iTunes in the jazz category.

Marcus Miller will present excerpts of his new album to appear in early 2018 (Blue Note / Universal). Marcus Miller, winner of two Grammy Awards® in 2010, a Jazz Victory for his entire career in France, the Edison Award for Lifetime Achievement in Jazz in 2013, also named UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2013, spokesperson for the Slave Route project, is not only a unique bass player, an unusual multi-instrumentalist, but also a composer and producer with exceptional talent. His many collaborations with the greatest artists: Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, George Benson, Aretha Franklin, Brian Ferry, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock or Carlos Santana to name a few. Every Marcus Miller appearance on stage with talented young musicians is an event in a universe that sits between Funk, Soul and Jazz today ...

Friday, 17 November

Born in the Gard in 1989, Laurent Coulondre is part of this new generation of a jazz uninhibited. At only 28 years old, the French pianist appears as sideman on more than ten albums and recorded three under his name.

First part of Sting, Marcus Miller, Chucho Valdes ... he is also a member of the electrifying Horny Tonky of the trumpeter Nicolas Folmer. Authentic jazzman, also a fine practitioner of the Hammond organ, he establishes a frank and direct communication with the audience through a groovy, electric and electrifying jazz. "From Ceccarelli to Cyril Atef, the spearhead of the new generation of uninhibited jazz! "The Jazz Revelation at the Music of the Year victories is the paragon of this generation without complex. More clans, more clans, primacy given to sound and pleasure, with his new duo (keys & drums!), The keyboardist summons the flower of the hexagonal drummers. Without dismounting he summons on the same piece André Ceccarelli, a tutelary figure of the French swing and Cyril Atef, the drummer of the drums (Bumcello) ... and it works! American singer Stacey Kent presents a new orchestral project. I Know I Dream mixes classic bossa nova, French song, Great American Songbook standards, but also original compositions written by her husband, saxophonist Jim Tomlinson.

The lyrics are co-written by renowned novelist Kazuo Ishiguro, poet Antonio Ladeira and lyricist Nashville Cliff Goldmacher. Stacey Kent, accompanied by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, will present for the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 2017, on Friday, November 17 at the Opéra Garnier, a repertoire rearranged for orchestra by Tommy Laurence, Johnny Mandel's protégé. On this expanded musical field that gives the Stacey universe its full lyrical and melancholic amplitude, the singer and her group manage to preserve their remarkable sense of intimacy and delicacy. A sensual voice, clear and fluid, with swing colors and jazzy hues, Stacey Kent is above all a personality that exudes a poignant sensibility and a striking melancholy. Saturday, November 18 Christopher, no doubt, more than another. An original big bang forged from childhood memories, deflagratory emotions, magical thoughts, flying tunes, primitive rhythms, furtive images printed forever in his cortex and which constitute the hard disk of his memory. For over fifty years, he has made it the raw material of his work. Jean-Michel Jarre, the man of the "Paradis Perdus" and the "Mots bleus", has again seconded Christophe for the first time. the lyrics of the title "The Remains of Chaos" that inspired the title of this new album. But Boris Bergman ("Dirty Angel"), Daniel Bélanger ("Tangerine", "Drone"), the young pen Laurie Darmon ("Ocean of Love", "Stella Botox" . Christophe's Christophe Van Huffel, who has been with him for fifteen years, is a brilliant modernist whose crystal-clear voice is back in the foreground thanks to the virtuosity of the younger generation represented by Maxime Le Guil (nominated for the Grammy Awards 2016 - in the category Best Engineered Album) to the co-realization and Clément Ducol who dresses this album of ultra-sensitive strings. Friday, November 24 Sirius Plan is a free, wild and refined trio.

Everything starts in a hotel room on a festival night. A guitar and three girls who juntly at night. "We recognized ourselves in the same passion, the music with human size that shares". On the stage, the vocal character of the trio Franco-Belgian charm more than one ... Laurent Voulzy invites them in the first part of his tour. Then it was Emmanuel Moire who gave them his confidence and, in 2015, Louis Bertignac took them in his luggage. Three tours of France, including Switzerland and Belgium. In 2016, they released their album Dog River Sessions, recorded in Alabama, and went on tour in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida. "Life's too short, let's work it out" says the visionary and relevant refrain of the first contagious single extracted from the brilliant new studio album of Texas, the 9th of the group, Jump On Board. This album is the sound of a group that is totally at ease, well at ease, full of great songs influenced by northern soul, disco, British founding groups like the Bee Gees or Orange Juice. Texas has never been afraid to do its own thing, it's a rare longevity band, and Jump On Board offers a characteristic style while provoking exhilarating flashes that recall these so beloved reference hits: "Say What You Want "," Halo "," Black Eyed Boy "," Summer Son ", songs that span a career of nearly thirty years and 40 million albums sold. In 2017, Texas never seemed so alive, an astounding British success story far from over, Jump On Board making both office vibrant regeneration and triumphant confirmation of the belief of a lifetime in the power of a universal pop. "We feel invigorated," Sharleen said with a smile. "We certainly had a great time making this record. It's time to let go, it's like a new beginning. This is a new chapter in our history. And we love it. "

Saturday, November 25

Dhafer Youssef is a Tunisian oudist, vocalist and composer. Coming from a long line of muezzins, the mastery of vocal performance is a legacy for him. After the phenomenal success of his album Birds Requiem, sold at more than 50,000 copies, the great master of the oud, an exceptional vocalist and prolific composer, returns to show with his most anticipated album: Diwan Of Beauty And Odd, affirming himself as one of the most innovative musicians of the last decade. Dhafer Youssef, an indefatigable explorer, offers Diwan Of Beauty And Odd a duality of the most seductive, that of the beautiful and the strange. He plays with the asymmetry of odd times to deliver an intriguing music of its complexity but whose beauty remains apprehensible because universal. For this project, Dhafer Youssef will be accompanied by the fine flower of New York jazz: Aaron Parks on piano, Joe Sanders on double bass and Justin Faulkner on drums.

The musical collaborations of Chick Corea and Steve Gadd are recorded in the legend. These two magicians have not ceased to renew it. Since the first Steve Gadd interventions on the electronic drum on Return To Forever, the two companions have enriched the long list of their collaborations, without ever resting on their laurels: The Leprechaun, My Spanish Heart, Three Quartets and Friends ... Today, and for the first time ever, they become co-leaders of a band, taking their musical history where they had left it. They have surrounded themselves for this new project of "young wolves" of jazz: Beninese Lionel Loueke, gifted guitarist, Steve Wilson, saxophonist and flutist from Chick's sextet Origin, the very great Carlitos Del Puerto on bass and Venezuelan master of percussion Luisito Quintero. Thursday, November 30 Stochelo Rosenberg, born in a gypsy camp, began playing guitar at the age of 10 years. His father and uncle Wasso Grünholz taught him how to play this instrument, but he learned first and foremost by listening to the recordings of his hero, Django Reinhardt. At the age of twelve, with his cousin Nous'che on the rhythm guitar and Rino van Hooydonk on bass, Stochelo won the first prize of a TV contest. Several record companies were interested, but Stochelo's parents did not want their son to grow in the limelight. He played during these years with We'che and his brother Nonnie on bass in churches and gypsy camps throughout Europe. Stochelo has grown from a talented but timid gypsy child to a world-class artist and composer. He wrote several magnificent pieces. Initially, he played on a Favino guitar, and then he was able to buy an old Selmer guitar, number 504.

The legendary Django Reinhardt played on the same guitar model with the number 503, a rather pleasant feeling for Stochelo. Stochelo Rosenberg is considered one of the finest guitarists, with impeccable technique, very elegant and with a very personal vibrato, mixing virtuosity and emotion. Diego el Cigala made his debut in 1997, he is known for mixing cultures and genres while developing flamenco and exploring Latin jazz, bolero and tango. It surprises everyone in 2016 by honoring great artists of another musical genre admired in the world: salsa. The question that led him to explore this genre was simple: what is salsa? From then on, the artist embarked on an adventure to understand the origins and the development of this musical genre through numerous voyages that helped him to shape the style of his music, and in particular the districts of New York where the salsa was the fruit of the expression of the culture and reality lived by the Latin-Caribbean. These experiences have increased his admiration for salsa, his authors and his interpreters. He collaborates with many artists: Tito Curet, Cheo Feliciano, René Touzet, Héctor Lavoe, La Sonora Ponceña or La Fania All Stars. Diego has visited Cali (Colombia), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Havana (Cuba), Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), New York and Miami (USA) and recorded several parts of the album in each region. His adventure culminated in southern Spain, in Jerez de la Frontera, where he added the guitar, choirs, drums and 'palmas'. Oscar D'Leon, Bobby Valentin, Larry Harlow, Roberto Roena, Eddie Montalvo, Nicky Marrero, Jorge Santana, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Los Muñequitos of Matanza, Luis Perico Ortiz, Horacio el Negro, José Aguirre and Diego del Morao. ... are among the musicians of different nationalities who lent their essence to this record.

Friday, December 1

James Carter is one of the most admired saxophonists of his generation who has helped propel jazz into the future over the past 25 years. His music is fueled by deep respect and intimate knowledge of the jazz tradition. Born in 1969 in Detroit, Michigan, James Carter began playing the saxophone at the age of 11, and recorded for the first time with a group of Detroit students in 1986. Mastering a family of instruments to reed, from bass clarinet sopranino saxophones to bass, James Carter hypnotized the world of jazz after his arrival in New York in 1988 to play under the auspices of the legendary trumpeter Lester Bowie. In 1991, he took part in the album The Organizer. His first album, JC On The Set, released in Japan when Carter was only 23 years old, announced the arrival of an important and powerful musical force in jazz. The composer Benoît Charest, surrounded by his Terrible Orchestra of Belleville, plunges us back into the poetic and wacky universe of the animated film "Les Triplettes de Belleville" and performs on stage the original soundtrack loaded in swing! In 2003, he signed the music of this retro graphically shifted fable, realized by Sylvain Chomet. His work of composition that offers a nostalgic return to the days of Parisian cabarets, jazz 30's and Hot Club of France is immediately rewarded, including an Oscar of the best original song and a Cesar of the best music written for a film the next year.

Saturday, December 2

Throwing in retro music, you can not hope to be very original; but the Puppini Sisters (composed of Marcella Puppini, Kate Mullins and Emma Smith) do not hide their pleasure to find their place in this register. Since their beginnings more than ten years ago, the number of artists who have followed their example has breathed new life, from the magnificent vocal style of close harmony to their revivals of current pop songs or their impeccable retrofuturistic fashion sense. Inspired by the animated film "Les triplettes de Belleville" (2003), Marcella Puppini founded the band in 2004. In 2005, the band signed a contract with Universal Classics and Jazz.

They have already released four albums and a fifth in preparation.

The Puppini Sisters are now considered the best group of close harmony in the world and include their fans The Manhattan Transfer and Michael Bublé. Many groups were formed in a garage, this one was created in a basement: that of the house of the New York pianist Scott Bradlee, in the Queens, where with some musician friends they had fun playing the hits of rearranged in different musical genres. In 2009, Scott had the idea to post on Youtube the video of a session in which they took over the repertoire of the Canadian band Nickelback on 60's arrangements. Entitled "A Motown Tribute to Nickelback", the video makes a box. Encouraged by this first success, Scott Bradlee creates his own channel Youtube and forms the collective Postmodern Jukebox in which different musicians and vocalists take turns. Shortly after, their doo wop resumption of "We Can not Stop" by Miley Cyrus ensures the popularity of the combo with some 4 million views. Radiohead's "Creep" smashes the internet: 19 million views! From then on, PMJ posts a new video every week, always from the very cozy basement of Scott's house: "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore is treated as jazz swing of the twenties. "Die Young" by Ke $ a is performed banjo in a country & western style. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, the White Stripes, the Strokes, Oasis are in turn revisited. The 21st Century Pop Tubes: This is the trademark of Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox and the surfers love it.