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9 November 2012

In May 2011, the brand Montblanc wrote a new chapter of its history with the launching of the masculine perfume Legend.

Such man who can't picture itself without companion, here is today.

Legend for woman

A woman to Montblanc, creator of the writing instruments Meisterstück, of smoking-room objects for gentlemen and sensational cuff-links? Of course...

As very few people know, but from the princess Grace of Monaco to Ingrid Bergman, from Greta Garbo to Marlène Dietrich, they are numerous to have inspired Montblanc. How to resist the refinement of a sumptuous leather shop, of watches and fountain pens especially conceived for the finest hands, how not to melt in front of diamonds sharpened in star?

It will be necessary to count from now on also with Legend for Woman, infallible temptation, homage to the modern luxury which scoops out its roots from the timeless state.

Who is she, this LEGEND WOMAN?

Photographed like her masculine alter ego by Peter Lindbergh, she is authentically remarkable. Frontal look, barely sketched smile, she establishes herself to be easy confident on her choices, on her simplicity however very sophisticated. It all relies in her elegance only.

No accessory, no complicated but discreet hairstyle, a simple make-up, dressed in sober one black pullover: narcissism isn't her affair. Neither fake, or bling, useless, higher bid. 

So grabbed without grandeur, it is in its intimacy that it appears, letting its virtuousness and, principally, its amazing charisma reveal.

The woman Montblanc is already a legend.

Luminous and intense, it opens with an agreement of néroli, of a bit green crispy pear, and of bitter orange. It is fruity, loving and subtle but not sweet nor childish. Perfume of pleasure, of course.

In the other end of prism olfactory, musk, vanilla and some blonde wood anchor it in one slightly part and from the whole. Perfume of embrace, absolutely.

Between these, it comes soul. Petrol of orange blossom (almost sweetened with honey, such as she is smelt at the end of the winter in the Mediterranean gardens), reconstructed lily of the valley (green, white and overpowering) and jasmine of India, alias grandiflorum, sumptuous and however so delicate. Feminine perfume, surely.

Montblanc LEGEND FOR WOMAN was written by Bernard Ellena and Nathalie Feisthauer.