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Monaco : who does the law at le Rocher ?

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18 June 2018

Monaco is a confetti of 2 km2, yet it is the highest concentration of billionaires in the world. The princely family, the Grimaldi, has been enthroned on the Monegasque Rock since the 13th century and manages affairs discreetly.

But since a year, a scandal reveals the hidden face of the principality. A Minister of Justice is suspected of trading in influence and a public prosecutor has been indicted. Investigations are ongoing on police officers of the Principality.

The case is triggered by the discovery of SMS in the mobile phone of the lawyer of Russian billionaire Dimitri Rybolovlev, owner of the football club AS Monaco. They reveal that the oligarch and his lawyer secretly prepared the arrest of a rival in business with the help of the highest judicial and police authorities in the Principality.

Collusion? Corruption ? Bribery ? What did Prince Albert II know? Can he restore order in his Principality?

A 52 'survey conducted by Pascal Henry and Stéphane Girard

Produced by CAT & Cie with the participation of Francetv

préparé par Marie de La Chaume
et Jean-François Gringoire


réalisation du plateau : Olivier d'Angély


production : France Télévisions

​durée : 70 minutes