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Moisturising beauty routine with argan oil

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17 December 2015

A new powerful trend on the beauty market is to use oil for your skin care. To moisturise and nourish your skin, one of the best option is the oil. Careful, though, not to use it without mesure or if you have a fat complexion.

I tested the new argan oil from Skinception and I must say it became one of my favourite beauty routine product. I used almond oil and coconut thinking that argan oil suits best the hair but it is not true. It goes perfectly for your skin and nails. I applied it twice a day without using any other cream and the moisturising effect is instant. It leaves the skin soft and bright without being overloaded. It must be applied, though, in thin layers and massage it all over the face. In the same time, you can exercise your face muscles to gain elasticity and the effect is magic.

Native of Morocco, the argan oil, produced from the amandon, very strong little nut hidden in the argan is known for its nourishing properties for the skin but also for nails and hair. Used for thousands of years by people in contact as a welcome ritual, this natural treatment is a true beauty secret of Berber women. Rich in nutrients, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, this liquid gold has soothing, moisturizing and restorative features. Its antioxidant power is a great tool for the skin. Composed solely from natural ingredients and cold-pressed, the argan oil from Skinception laboratories helps in fighting against acne, eczema and treatment of dry skin, prevents the risk of stretch marks in pregnant women, stimulates brain function and operation of faith. Essential daily care, it also improves the health of hair, skin and nails. Without restriction and with the reputation of being non-allergenic, argan oil is suitable for all.

How to get argan oil?

After the harvest of the almonds, the hard nuts contained in the argan, there are two possibilities for producers. Traditionally Berber grilled a bit the amadons before pressing. However roasting, which gives its dark color and its nutty aroma to the argan oil is now reserved for the production of edible oil. Indeed, this process destroys vitamin E and therefore its antioxidant properties. That is why there is a second oil variant of a light yellow color and odorless. This is a cold pressed oil, without prior roasting and intended for the cosmetics industry.
The ideal is to provide "100% Argan Oil", sold in glass packaging (for better conservation of properties). On the packaging must be marked the number of the certification obtained. 

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