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Gucci Prêt-à-Porter Printemps 2020

23 Septembre

Gucci Ready To Wear Spring 2020, A Mental Fashion ... State! I would not wanted to put it like .. disorder, but this is what it seems like, mainly the first part of the collection. The entire no-where-to-go-no-what-to-do society puts its fingerprint on the designer's mood and a pressure to assure the futur. But there's no futur when we cling to stereotypes!  For the 2020 Spring collection, Michele Alessandro wants to bring the New! But, there is no new! The collection started with a mental disorder line with models wrapped out like they were in a force shirt, prisoners of their own body and mind and continued with a mix of transgendered outfits. Some elegant dresses sparkled to the eyes but some of them were ruined by the neo acessories, the sixtees and ninetess altogether but with a futuristic vibe. Way too much of a mix!  We can see the Gucci patterns but they sort of fade away in front of the new so-to-call it "sexy". There is nothing sexy in seeing nipples on a catwalk! Sexy resides in mystery, covered parts and slightly unveiled ones, in an open bony shoulder, a subtle V neck plunge etc. There was like Star Wars of fashion

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