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Best Dressed at Grammy Awards 2023? The era of feminine glamour is gone

6 Fevrier

Grammy Awards 2023 took place yesterday at Arena, in Los Angeles, California. And, as always, we have the red carpet presentation. Only that, in order to choose the best dressed people from the red carpet, we need to dig deeper and still nothing. The red carpet turned into red hell.  Most of the outfits depict nothing but a vulgar approach of style. We see evil characters' outfits, tasteless looks, and less of that red carpet glamour. Besides Taylor Swift who wore a sparkling blue dress, of Heidi Klum in a golden sparkling dress, many others chose outfits who makes them no honour. It's time to stop this trend of mockery, and make people more aware that what some marketize on the media and red carpets need to be blowwhistled too. We can't always put the right to express yourself, when this right is nothing but a manipulation of the masses.  The new flow of trends in terms of fashion and style seems randomly lost in a sea of undefined transitions. In this point in time, the passage to a new era makes it clear that everything is trying to create a new line with the disadvantage of losing its core essence. We can

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