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The Mirage of Becoming a Fashion Designer

30 Mars

We all have dreams! And from this point on, we all have roads we need to take in order to fulfill these dreams. The story of Doina Pirau is one of love and passion for fashion and her life trajectory proves it. Let's read her story in our beautiful interview. You can find her designs in our shop branch, Stylezza Shop.  Dear Doina, readers want to know more about you, please let us know your story in a few words ...  The beginning of this year marked the thirteenth year since I made my first professional design and last November we celebrated ten years since I officially debuted in fashion through a collection of clothing, leather goods and footwear presented at the Fashion Week in Cluj. It was a period of reflection on the beginnings, which, in my case, started right from the inception of my life, fact of which I could see, of course, after the happenings of later key events.  The road to fashion has been favoured for me since birth, because my grandparents, when they found out that their daughter-in-law, my mother, was pregnant, they chose my name and gave me into inheritance a sewing machine. They didn't even thought that

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