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Mistakes in make up

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13 September 2011


Certainly, you have some routines in make up that you make every day. But, you know exactly what best suits you and what are the correct techniques? You may find that certain make up routines are more mistakes than right thing to do.

Choosing the foundation shade:

We all love to have a tanned skin but when we choose the foundation shade it is better to go with our natural pigment. You can tan your skin with bronzers, afterwards. The idea in choosing the right foundation shade is to better mix with your complexion and look naturally. Test it before buying on your jawline and look at it in different corners of light.

Applying make up on a dry unclean skin:

One of the worst mistakes you can make in make up is to put it on a dry unclean skin. It will only make it worse as all the flaws will come alive. You should wash your face, exfoliate it and moisturize it. After this, you can apply your make up.

Wrong eyebrow shapes:

Many of girls don’t know how to have a straight natural eyebrow line. It is either thicker or too slim. The eyebrow has to follow the natural line of the eye without changing it.

Black eyeliner under eye during the day?

Some specialists don’t recommend using eyeliner under the eye during the day as it gives a shrink effect. Otherwise, a clear eye can give the idea of sharpness and wideness. Other voices may say a fine line it is ok to be used according to eye form and complexion.

Using shinny luminous products:

Products that offer luminosity to the face should be applied on certain areas of the face and in certain moments of the day. Here the quality is the name to choose not quantity. The more many luminous products we use in our make up the worse the effect can be. Many make up products like foundation, lipstick etc contain luminous particles so combined with others can lead to an undesirable look.

False lip line:

Don’t create with your pencil a false lip line over your lips as it will give an artificial look. You better search a lip liner that is in the same shade as your lipstick and cross it on your lip natural line.