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Missoni SS 2015 Campaign

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22 December 2014

Colors become an impression, a reflection, which permeate the scenery of the SS15 Missoni campaign, again led this season by the studio M / M Paris.

It defines the level of what appears to be a box in perspective, illuminated inside by an atmosphere that levitates in absolute darkness of intergalactic space without gravity.

In this metaphysical framework nuancing such a rainbow sky in green and yellow to pink, the Missoni woman poses languishly and sensually in a degrade dress in bright colors, blending with wide reflective spheres and combinations of tropical leaves, flowers and shells.

The accents of light and color that seem to think of an imaginary sunlight and sublimate the body of the model, expand the scale in parts becoming huge while they give it a small waist. The effects of movements, spirals and flying transform photographies into a dance that carry the dresses, opens like fans, remodels materials, textures, patterns and prints.

Like mirages illuminated by  iridescent light beams, the images created by Viviane Sassen evoke Japanese art in the style of Paul Jacoubet, giving a modern and elegant digital post turn composed of both femininity and natural side, in a  very "ukiyo-e"style. And also giving exotic tropical sensuality and glamor to the  Missoni woman for the 2015 Summer with an astral quality and science fiction.

The photos taken of Amanda Murphy, star of the campaign, transform each piece into an image, a thoughtful representation and intriguing experience for the eyes.

Conducted by Elliot Vullod, the campaign Missoni Men SS15 collection uses photos in black and white colors. Making it an introspective study: fashion as a way of life but also as a way of being.

Amanda Murphy for Missoni SS 2015 Campaign by Viviane Sassen 1