MICS Monaco International Clubbing Show

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25 October 2012

The concept of MICS is to offer to the professionals of international nocturnal industry a chance to meet in Monaco during 3 days.

The event is based on 2 axles:

* A professional living room which gathers the main actors and night decision-makers who come to discover and to introduce the new products or tendencies of the market.

* A Festival DJ with clubbing evening programming in the trendy establishments of Principality.

What differentiates this event of the traditional living rooms holds in his will to alloy business and entertainment. Objective is to reduce the opportunities of meetings by creating an uninterrupted flux of animations in Principality from 14 h till 5 h and so to favour exchanges. This innovative concept could entice the biggest marks and the owners of international nocturnal establishments which come to find skilled contacts there but also to share, the time of the living room, the uninstant of holiday and of friendliness.

MICS organises a Festival parrallèle of its professional living room DJS there. The first edition of NRJ DJ AWARDS, party of rewards of the best French and international DJS, will open the Festival on Wednesday, November 07th. Martin Solveig key DJ of French-style House will be the head of poster of this exceptional party.

Wednesday 7 november : NRJ DJ Awards evening - Martin Solveig

Thursday 8 november : French Touch evening - Bob Sinclar

Friday 9 november : Hip Hop evening - Pharrell Williams

Saturday 10 november : Dutch Influence evening- Hardwell