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Michael Kors exclusive partnership with Pam

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31 January 2013

Michael Kors announced the launching of a long-term exclusive partnership with the worldwide Food Programme (PAM), organism devoted to the struggle against hunger, close to the philosophy of Michael Kors. 

The worldwide Food Programme (PAM) has given for 50 years food to the most divested persons who suffer from hunger across the world. This food organism of the UNO works in more than 70 countries and helps 90 million persons every year in the world. Attached to the United Nations, she helps in an urgent and lasting way to struggle against hunger and problems of wrong nutrition in the poorest countries of the world. In partnership with PAM, Michael Kors hopes to draw the attention of public opinion and to raise funds which will be able to help to eradicate what PAM calls 'the easiest problem to be solved in the world'. 

"I am very proud to join the worldwide Food Programme across one of the biggest battle of our epoch: the struggle against hunger", announced Michael Kors. "Over the years, I had the chance to be able to travel across the world and to discover new cultures, new civilisations. If there is a thing well that I learnt, it is that millions of persons across the world struggle to and to feed their family every day. I want to lend my voice and to dedicate my efforts to this international reason". 

In optics to fight hunger, Michael Kors promised to collect millions of dollars in the course of next years thanks to a countryside media, of special events and distribution in limited edition products a part of benefits of which will be transferred to the cause which defends PAM. The main purpose of this alliance is to light conscience on hunger and problems of wrong nutrition in the world. 

In the course of January 2013, Michael Kors will launch a countryside media, which will be broadcast on different social networks of the brand. Video (visible on Youtube via following links: and stages actors of the world of fashion, of music and of cinema, who each their turn, enunciate figures and the truths on this blight to put forward the emergency of situation. In march 2013, Michael Kors will launch two models of unisex watches as part of its countryside 'Watch Hunger Stop". For every sold watch, 100 meals will be distributed by means of PAM. A countryside of donation via SMS will be also set up on the American territory. 

"We are impatient to work with Michael Kors. Together, we will be able to draw the attention of million persons in the world and fight hunger" adds Ertharin Cousin, executive director du PAM. "Our vision of future is the world or each will have access to the same quality and quantity of food, not only to meet in his need, but also to eat and to come true as human being". 

This new partnership with PAM is an additional stage in mission that Michael Kors devoted itself to struggle against hunger. In October, 2012, Mr Kors had given five million dollars in the organisation God's Love We Deliver, which prepares and distributes meals for the persons in the need, in the cities of New York City, Newark and Hudson County. This donation allowed foundation to continue its battle and the rehabilitation of its establishment of Soho, rechristened "The Michael Kors Building". Further to its contribution, Mr Kors had been honoured of Golden Delicious Heart Award for Lifetime Achievement during the gala of charity ‘Golden Delicious Heart Awards Dinner'.

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