Navigator's black desk

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1 September 2011

In a gentlemen’s world, every piece of his life is spirited and well defined. And a gentleman is, also, a history lover. That is why his desk should be a special one in which he puts his memoires but also his living passions.

We have the right thing for you, gentlemen! It is called Navigator’s Desk Black and it is a piece of artistic historic furniture. Under the section called “Campaign Furniture”, Burford Barn offers us the finest desk. And how was this possible to be made if it was not for composing letters, playing chess, soring his clothes ? All these, in the sweet style of the old gentlemen.

It is made from cherry wood in honey and black colors, faux leather covering writing area, shelves, solid brass hardware.

You can have it from Burford Barn at the price of £1,235.00.