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Men's style: Italian retro chic shoes

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24 June 2013

Men's style guide

Fratelli Rossetti, for the Men's Summer collection 2014 recalls the atmosphere of Capri during the fifties, and draws inspiration from Dolce Vita.

The fifties represent an instant of resurgence, also corresponding to total trade resumption in Italy and of "Made in Italy". 

Nine models are introduced on the occasion of Milano Moda Uomo, all joined by the braiding and by the dominance of the navy blue. And always current iconic Brera with its legendary glandes, band moccasin, Derby and oxford. The braiding and colours remind of geometries and of the colours of shutters typical of Mediterranean houses and of the atmosphere of Capri during the fifties.

A topic of the collection which aims at interpreting the style of the epoch, by delaying it fashionable: an elegant and anti-conformist man, capable of daring across his accessories. The fifties represent a break in comparison with the fashion of the past: for the first time, the care for the detail becomes evident. 

By stressing new used techniques: the art of the braiding, the new materials and a constant affirmation of Italian trade, Fratelli Rossetti bets on the detail care.